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Our story

Finding solutions to the problems we share

Where collaboration and creativity meet

At Nureva, we believe that a diverse group of people working together toward a common goal can do incredible things. We also believe that technology can make this possible. But it doesn’t always. Sometimes technology doesn’t work. Sometimes it distracts.

We know there’s a better way.

That’s why we create simple, effective solutions that make working together easy. We help groups tap into possibilities, be more creative. We help students drive their own learning. Because at Nureva, collaboration isn’t just in our nature – it’s why we’re here.


We create the products that we wish we had

Our product ideas come from our own experiences and many conversations and observations. In some cases, we’ve wanted something more than what was available. In other cases, we imagined new ways of working and collaborating. Our passion drives us to create better experiences – for ourselves and others.

We’ve spent almost 30 years in the AV and IT space, so we understand both the potential of collaboration and the problems that too often stand in its way. After creating the world’s first and most popular interactive whiteboard – and then growing SMART Technologies into a global powerhouse over its first 25 years – we’re excited to be tackling the challenge of improving how groups collaborate.

That’s what Nureva means to us – and why we’re busy every day finding new ways to help people work together, from the meeting room to the classroom.


Our differences make us stronger

At Nureva, everyone is a creator. And everyone is a collaborator. From the many interns who get their start here to our deeply experienced executive team, we know we are stronger together. Our solutions help us stay connected to our offices, remote team members and growing channel network around the world.

Our differences make us stronger

R&D begins at home

We aren’t interested in making tweaks to someone else’s idea. That’s not what gets us excited. Instead, we’re passionate about dreaming big and disrupting the status quo. Whether ideas emerge from a hackathon or a conversation around our kitchen tables, we never want to be bound by how things have always been done.

R&D begins at home

Our customers are our teachers

If you look closely at Nureva, our customers’ fingerprints are everywhere. Their problems guide our design decisions. Their aspirations drive our product innovations. Their breakthroughs propel us. And as long as we stay focused on what people need to work together, we know we’re on the right track.

Our customers are our teachers

Want to join us?

We’re always looking for smart, collaborative people to be part of our team. Come create with us.

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