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Active Zone Control

A breakthrough in presentation audio

New Active Zone Control focuses audio pickup to let instructors and presenters be heard more clearly by remote participants, without the hassles of a lapel mic or headset.


Active zone control adjustable pickup

Adjustable pickup zone

Active Zone Control focuses audio pickup from the HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems on a configurable zone and suppresses audience noises outside the zone so a speaker in front of a class or audience can be heard more clearly by remote participants. It is an extension of Nureva™ Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones. With Active Zone Control, a simple interface allows you to adjust the zone of active virtual mics, switching off the virtual mics in the rest of the space.

Nureva HDL300 system feature active zone control used by a professor in a lecture hall setting

Freedom and convenience

With Active Zone Control, lecturers or presenters can leave lapel mics, headsets and the hassles of changing batteries behind. They can move freely in the active zone, confident that remote participants can hear them above room noises. And when they want audio pickup throughout the space – for questions from the audience or group discussions – they can switch to full-room pickup with just the click of a button on the remote for the HDL300 system.

In control

The simple interface in the Nureva Room Manager makes it easy to set your active zone. Just drag the tabs. Audio pickup will be focused in the blue zone while the virtual microphones in the rest of the space will be turned off.

Lecture capture icon

Ideal for lecture capture

Lecture capture is vital for many higher-ed institutions. Active Zone Control integrates with leading lecture capture platforms to produce clear, consistent audio content.

Open offices icon

Supports open offices

Want to audio conference from a meeting in one section of your open office? Active Zone Control focuses the pickup zone while suppressing sound from the rest of the area.

Hearing is believing

You’ll hear the difference, and we’ll answer all your questions in our live, 10-minute demo.

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