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Audio conferencing

Customer stories

Want to communicate and collaborate better? Learn how the HDL300 systems solve audio conferencing problems and make big impacts on organizations.


Beating the “battle station” microphone

This Missouri accounting firm had “tried everything” to get better audio conferencing – including hanging an orb-shaped mic from the ceiling that looked like a battle station from a science fiction movie. Then they tried the HDL300 system and finally got the results they were looking for.


Thirty voices. One room. No problem.

As audio conferencing scenarios go, it was daunting. Thirty engineers in a room in California on a weekly conference call with their counterparts in Spain. Their previous solution – passing a mic around the room – didn’t work. But with the HDL300 system, everyone could be heard – at a fraction of the cost of the system an integrator recommended.


Audio “slam dunk” for problem room

This software company had a problem room for audio conferencing. Reflective surfaces led to poor pickup. Everything changed when they installed the HDL300 system. “The HDL300 has been fantastic. It solved our problem as soon as we plugged it in,” said their CEO. Definitely a slam dunk.

HDL300 audio conferencing systems

Discover how the HDL300 and Dual HDL300 audio conferencing systems deliver true full-room pickup and extraordinary ease of installation and operation – at a budget-friendly price.