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Frequently asked questions

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system
How does the HDL300 system produce 8,192 virtual microphones?

The 8,192 virtual microphones are created through proprietary, highly parallel mathematical processing of the sounds gathered from 12 omnidirectional microphones on the bottom of the HDL300 system physical microphones.

What differentiates Microphone Mist™ technology?

The HDL300 system has the necessary processing power to evaluate 8,192 virtual microphones simultaneously. It uses sophisticated algorithms to focus on one virtual microphone at a time, while not excluding other sound sources, to provide a more natural listening experience.

How is Microphone Mist technology different than simple beamforming technology?

Beamforming technology allows the system to steer the microphone pickup in direction only. The HDL300 system has control over both direction and distance to the sound source, so it can evaluate the sounds from a specific position in the room.

What is the Nureva audio manager?

The Nureva audio manager detects when upgrades are available for HDL300 firmware and automatically downloads and installs them (it can also be set for manual downloads). Upgrades occur approximately every quarter. Users and IT administrators can now be assured they always have the most up-to-date Microphone Mist™ technology. And upgrades are included in your initial purchase price. The system you buy today will evolve into a smarter, higher-performing system.

Does HDL300 technology help eliminate background noise?

The HDL300 system constantly monitors the room to determine which sounds are background and which are intentional. Consistent background sounds (e.g., fans, HVAC) are filtered. However, both distinct voices and dispersed sound sources (e.g., clapping, laughter, murmuring) are passed to preserve the important ambiance of the room. By focusing on the virtual microphone closest to the sound source, background noises are defocused by default and are not accidentally amplified as in other systems. The result is a marked reduction in background noise and a clear and natural audio experience.

What happens when two people talk at once?

When two people talk at the same time, the HDL300 system will focus on the stronger signal (the loudest voice), while the other voice drops into the background. The effect will be as if you were standing in the room close to the stronger talker, but are also aware that someone else is speaking at the same time.

How fast does the HDL300 system follow movement or speaker changes?

The system monitors and adjusts the speaker location 10 times per second.

Does the HDL300 system provide for stereo input and output?

Yes, but please note that many UC&C (unified communications and collaboration) systems do not provide optimal stereo performance.

What integration is required for UC&C applications and the HDL300 system?

No integration is required. The HDL300 system is a standard audio device and is automatically recognized as such. UC&C application controls (for volume and muting) work automatically with the HDL300 system.

Is the HDL300 system easy to install?

The HDL300 system is quick and easy to install. It takes less than half an hour including routing the cables. The microphone and speaker bar hangs on the wall on 2 screws and connects to the breakout box via a PoE cable (included). The connect module can also be mounted on the wall, under a table or wherever is convenient. It is connected to a power source and to your computer via a USB cable (included). Our customers have reported no issues in installing their HDL300 systems.

Is the HDL300 system easy to deploy?

The HDL300 system is very easy to deploy. It calibrates automatically at set up and throughout its use. The system senses and adjusts itself to changes in room characteristics automatically. No technician is required to set up or maintain the system.

Does the HDL300 system work with room video systems like Cisco and Polycom?

The HDL300 system will work with any system that accepts clean, echo-cancelled input for audio. The product supplies audio through USB or 3.5mm auxilary in and out ports on the connect module.

In what countries or regions is the HDL300 system available?

The HDL300 system is currently available in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A detailed list of countries can be found here. We plan to expand to additional global markets in 2018.

Still have questions?

Please use the following form and one of our experts will respond shortly. You can also contact us directly at 1.855.568.7382 or at sales@nureva.com.