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Boost engagement in your next sprint retrospective with Span Workspace

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Apr 2, 2020 6:00:00 AM
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Are you struggling to fully involve your newly distributed team in your sprint retrospectives? Moving from individual perspective to shared knowledge can be tricky – and it doesn’t get easier when everyone is suddenly working from home.

That’s where Span™ Workspace comes in. It gives team members digital tools to share ideas and feedback straight from their own devices – whether they’re in the same room or joining remotely. And because it’s fully adaptable, you can keep things fresh and fun with new formats and activities.

In this video, Jeff demonstrates how in-room and remote agile teams can use the tools in Span Workspace for simple and engaging sprint retrospectives. You’ll see how easy it is for everyone to add ideas to a digital canvas that all team members can interact with. Jeff will also share a couple of ready-to-use templates you can use right away plus some custom options you can create yourself.


Video transcription

Your team holds the key to making your next sprint more successful than ever, and retrospectives are the secret to unlocking everyone’s shared knowledge.

But it’s easy for retros to get stale. And it’s hard to involve and engage your remote team members. If you can’t truly tap into everyone’s ideas and insights, what’s the point?

Need to keep your retrospectives running smoothly – for team members in the office and working remotely? Span Workspace can help. It gives you simple digital tools that let team members share anonymously from anywhere. And it ups the fun factor, too.

Prepping your canvas

Setting your team up for success starts with a canvas. No matter what retro format you choose, Span Workspace will adapt. For now, let’s keep it simple – grab the basic retrospective template from the Templates drawer.

You can use it as is or rename it anything you like. Then turn on QuickShare – the fastest way for anyone to add ideas from a phone or laptop. You’re set – and prep took less than a minute.

Sending feedback anonymously

When the meeting starts, open the canvas on a shared display, so your team in the room can see it. Distributed team members can open the same canvas on their laptops – they won’t miss a thing.

Once everyone’s ready, it’s time to fill up the canvas with comments on the last sprint. You can hide the template so no one’s influenced by what others are sharing.

Sending feedback with QuickShare is fast and simple – no matter where you are. Notes in Span Workspace give everyone just enough room to express feedback, without writing a novel. Contributions are anonymous, so there’s no bias about who said what, but team members can always add their names if they prefer.

Revealing insights

Everyone done? Pull up the template and see what’s been added. The visuals show patterns and outliers. As people talk through the notes, insights become clearer.

Once the discussion’s done, you’re ready to come up with concrete action items to improve your next sprint. Anyone can add a new task with QuickShare or duplicate and edit a sticky note that’s already on the canvas. Then send the tasks to Jira® with a couple of clicks. If Jira’s not your thing, let us know what integration you’re looking for.

And that’s all it takes. You’re moving forward – with better information and understanding from your entire team. If you need to look back, a record of your ideas is always accessible.

Keeping things fresh

This is just one way to run a retrospective with Span Workspace. The tools are flexible, so create something that works for your team, and switch it up to keep things fresh.

Try setting up different groups with different questions. Choose another of our handy templates. Or upload a custom retro idea that will inspire your team.

With Span Workspace, retros are engaging and productive. And they truly tap into the ideas of every team member – intern or senior dev, in the room or continents away.

Interested in what else Span Workspace can do for your agile team? It’s flexible enough to work for any scrum ceremony or collaborative activity. For a couple more examples, watch how it can be used for sprint planning and story estimation.

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