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Webinar: Resilience Building While Working Remotely

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Apr 3, 2020 6:00:00 AM
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Now more than ever, being able to deal in reality (the good, the bad and the unexpected) is the hallmark of thriving teams and workplaces. For concrete strategies to help you and your team, watch this on-demand webinar from Beth Davis, founder of Ilewp and The Llewellin Group.

During this 30-minute webinar, Beth will share ways your team can harness the power of self-leadership and shared goals to create resiliency. You’ll learn how to help your team embrace empowered choices and how an agile mindset can inspire engagement, innovation and continuous value creation. She’ll also share how tools like Span™ Workspace can bring out people’s voices in ways conference calls alone cannot.


Download the slides from this webinar.

A few webinar highlights

Three vital questions

Change can be challenging – especially when everything around us is shifting. But it’s more important than ever to focus on what matters. Beth shares three vital questions you can ask to help your team shift their mindsets from problems to outcomes and then take creative action.

Tools for truth telling

Is working from home making everyone feel disconnected? Beth shares how teams can use Span Workspace to help. Its digital canvases can become a safe space where people share what triggers turn them reactive (instead of resilient) and then create plans of action.

Agile mindset for resilience

Find out how adopting an agile mindset can help you and your team become more resilient and collaborative, even during challenging times. Beth walks you through some concrete ways that teams can draw on a few Agile principles to create value and strengthen how they work together.


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