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QuickShare – the fastest way to share an idea in Span software

By Tricia Whenham
on Mar 24, 2017 4:00:00 AM


It’s 9:55 a.m. on a Wednesday. In 5 minutes, people from across your organization will come to your meeting room to review your team’s latest web design.

You need to show everyone your mockups and wireframes. You need to gather constructive feedback from each person in the room. You need to avoid groupthink. You also need to create an even playing field, where ideas are judged on their merits and not because of who shares them.

And it all must happen in 60 minutes so you can get back to putting your plans into action.

Enter quickshare

The scenario may vary, but whether you’re designing a website, planning a workflow or doing any kind of collaborative work, you need to gather ideas from people quickly and easily.

There’s now a fast solution. Meet QuickShare for Nureva™ Span™ software.

In QuickShare, every single person in the room can contribute. It’s as simple as pulling your phone out of your pocket and entering a code. That’s it. Anyone can jot an idea on a sticky note or take a quick photo – it will immediately appear on your canvas.

There’s no need for a Span subscription. We don’t collect login information or email addresses. And people can use the tool they never leave home without – their smartphone. Tablets and computers work as well.

With QuickShare, ensuring that every idea is on the table has never been easier.

How to use quickshare

Ready to start a QuickShare session? It’s simple.

Step 1

Once your canvas is open in Span wall software, go to the Share menu to turn on QuickShare. At the top of your canvas, you’ll see a URL and a 9-digit QuickShare code.

Start a quick-share session

Step 2

Invite anyone in the room to navigate to the URL and enter the QuickShare code into their phone, tablet or computer. It’s that simple – no names, email addresses or logins are needed.


Step 3

Add a note to the canvas – just type in the text, choose a note color and press send. Notes are automatically placed on the canvas for everyone to see.

Add a note using quick-share
Step 4

Take a photo with your camera or add one from your gallery. Everyone in the room will see it appear on the canvas right away.


Step 5

Finished your session? Just turn off QuickShare at the wall. You can always start another session later.

End your quick-share session

More ways to use quickshare

QuickShare is designed for anyone who needs a fast way to get people working together, while taking advantage of the tools they already have. It’s great for meetings where you need everyone to share ideas and make plans for action. Instead of people using phones to check email (and check out?), they can use their phones to make real-time contributions.

Are you holding a town hall meeting with everyone in your company? Don’t fall into the trap of having information only flow one way. Get everyone to add comments and questions to the canvas. It’s a good way to combat the spread of misinformation and makes sure negative feelings don’t fester.

Or you could simply wheel a mobile Span system into your breakroom or cafeteria. Write a question on the canvas. And then see where the ideas lead you.

Give it a try and let us know what you think – email support@nureva.com with your input.

*QuickShare is activated from Span wall software, which is available with a premium or education subscription.

See for yourself

Not a premium user of Span software but still want to see QuickShare in action? Get your personalized demo.

Get your Span system demo

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