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Webinar: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How to Innovate One LEGO® Brick at a Time

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Apr 8, 2020 6:00:00 AM
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In her time as the first chief design officer at a Canadian university and executive director of a human centric design lab, Chrystia Chudczak has been in the ground war of public sector innovation and seen its battles play out on many different fields.

During this 30-minute on-demand webinar, she’ll share one of her biggest lessons: when you’re in the innovation game, experimenting with ways of using design to disrupt environments moves the yardstick – one problem, project and person at a time. You’ll also hear how digital collaboration tools like Span™ Workspace can help you create insightful and visually meaningful experiences.


Download the canvas from this webinar.

Download the Freeze Frame final report that Chrystia shared.

A few webinar highlights

Using design to disrupt: three examples

Chrystia walks through several problems she’s helped groups tackle, with the help of design thinking. The issues were local (improving a large university event), national (safety concerns on a Canadian highway) and international (increasing financial independence for Pakistani women). But they shared a need for a disruptive approach.

Creating safe spaces

When trying to disrupt the status quo, psychological safety is paramount. Without a safe space, getting to the heart of the matter just can’t happen. Chrystia shares how she creates the environment needed by using tools that encourage neutrality – including LEGO and Span Workspace. Both help people represent their ideas at arm’s length and express points of view when issues are challenging.

Gathering your ecosystem

Chrystia believes everything hinges on nailing down the real problem – which requires everyone with a perspective on the issue (the ecosystem) to be well represented. She has some strategies for making sure every voice is heard, from gathering contributions on a digital canvas to pulling out the LEGO and building models.

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