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Disruptive audio conferencing – high performance at a fraction of the price

Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc.
Posted by Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc. on Jan 9, 2019 6:00:00 AM
Disruptive audio conferencing – high performance at a fraction of the price

Sometimes you can only see a truly disruptive moment with the benefit of hindsight. Who really foresaw that the upstart Netflix would put Blockbuster, with its thousands of bricks and mortar outlets, out of business in a very short period? Blockbuster was the leader, it had market position and staying power – or did it?

Is Nureva audio the Netflix of audio conferencing? We do think a lot about disruption and how we can do things differently (and better) than the established market leaders. We’re talking to customers, we’re analyzing competitors and looking at new technologies, so that we can play the game and win a place in the market by virtue of delivering a great experience.

Learning from our customers

Many of our sales have been initiated at the end-user level. IT managers and end users have been online looking for new tools that can support their move to UC&C applications and, in the process, have read about our Microphone Mist™ technology and its thousands of virtual microphones. Here are the things they have told us have caught their attention:

  • The Microphone Mist technology approach has intrigued them. They like the powerful processor at the heart of the system that allows all the microphones to listen at one time.
  • They love that the system autocalibrates and that no expensive technician is required to initially set it up or recalibrate it through time
  • They appreciate that the easy installation won’t take a room out of use for a day

For many, these factors translate to lower costs, something that is a priority when there are hundreds or thousands of rooms to outfit.

Then, when they have the system installed, the love affair really begins.

  • I finally can hear everyone on the call.
  • I have never felt so much a part of the meeting.
  • I never knew that an audio call could be so clear.

Learning from prospective channel members

It may not come as a surprise, but we have been turned down by some prospective channel members – dealers who we have asked to resell our product. Their rejection was not because of the product – either its quality or its price point. Rather, our systems disrupt the status quo of higher prices for the hardware, costly programming and highly profitable installation that they have enjoyed, and they choose to not present them to their customers.

So, while we knew that we were creating a disruptive technology, we now know that we have created a disruptive offering, one that challenges the status quo for traditional audio channel sales. For us and our customers, that spells opportunity.

It just works

While we’re talking about disrupting the status quo, it’s important to keep this in mind – Nureva audio just works. Throw a problem room at it – no problem. Get up, move around – the system keeps up with you.

Where to from here?

We’re doubling down on Microphone Mist technology. We’re furthering its development and taking it into new areas. We have new products on the drawing board to delight our customers and give them the functionality they want at a price they can afford.

We’ll continue to add value and functionality to the systems that our customers have already purchased and currently use.

We’ll build our global channel with people and organizations that believe in disruptive solutions that can solve real needs at a fair price.

For us, disruption and innovation go hand in hand, and that can only mean good things for our customers.

Game on.

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