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Nureva™ Design Studio opens at InceptionU at Central Library

Posted by Shari-Lynn Sare on Sep 12, 2019 1:00:00 AM

Studio offers a high-tech collaborative space for teams working to create Calgary’s future

Calgary, Alberta --- September 12, 2019 --- Nureva Inc. and InceptionU today announce the official opening of the Nureva Design Studio in a back-of-house space on level three of Calgary’s Central Library. The Nureva Design Studio is a tech-enabled collaborative space where teams can come together to solve problems, hatch innovative business ideas, plan projects and help build new economic sectors in Alberta. It is equipped with the latest collaboration technologies from Nureva, a Calgary-based company with a growing, global base of customers across a wide range of industries. The Studio is operated by InceptionU, an innovative, not-for-profit learning center focused on building competencies to address skills gaps and meet the demands of the future.


The Nureva Design Studio is a comfortable and creative space for groups to collaborate on strategies and map workflows that require visual planning. Analog sticky-note processes that typically take days or weeks to complete and then transcribe can now be fast-tracked using real-time visual collaboration tools to accelerate work, align teams and deliver breakthrough results. This is enabled by a triple Nureva Wall that has transformed two walls in the Studio into a 22.5' (6.9 m) multitouch interactive space. The digital working wall is powered by Span™ Workspace, an expansive, cloud-based canvas designed to support highly collaborative activities that benefit from participants visualizing and interacting with large amounts of information, whether they are in the same room or around the world. Also available in the Studio is the HDL300 audio conferencing system with its patented Microphone Mist™ technology to enable full-room pickup for collaborative sessions involving remote participants. Individuals and organizations can learn more about the Nureva Design Studio by visiting www.inceptionu.com/nurevadesignstudio.

“As we move into a world where people need to collaborate on more uncertain ideas and often at a great distance, it is important to create spaces in our city where people can come to be inspired and to connect with others who are tackling big challenges,” said Greg Hart, InceptionU’s co-founder. “Nureva’s technology is a perfect fit for this since it creates the opportunity to collaborate in the studio and across the world.”

“We are thrilled to play an active role in creating the Nureva Design Studio with InceptionU and contributing to Calgary’s innovation ecosystem,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “We have seen organizations around the world use our solutions to become more agile, accelerate their processes and enable creativity in countless ways, and we can’t wait to see what amazing new ideas are born at this studio.”



Download images of the Nureva Design Studio.

About InceptionU

InceptionU is a new learning experience that is completely focused on building competence to meet the demands of an uncertain future and acquire the mindset of a designer. The core of the work is built around the integration of critical, creative systems, and computational thinking. You will be able to learn anything, build something and change everything. Born from the community action of creating an innovation ecosystem in Calgary, Inception came to life in 2017 and has built a series of programs including EvolveU that builds new employment competencies in design and technology. InceptionU is now introducing the Nureva Design Studio as a place that people can work together on their biggest challenges. Most programs run from the 3rd floor of the Central Library. For more information, visit InceptionU’s website.

About Nureva

Nureva Inc. is a technology-rich, multiple award-winning private company that imagines and builds solutions that make it easy to unlock the collaborative potential of diverse teams around the globe. For businesses, that means enabling the group creative processes that are used to solve problems and develop breakthrough ideas that drive organizational advantage. In education, it means enabling the student-led, collaborative activities that deepen learning and equip students with the skills required for future success. A passion for deep customer understanding and a commitment to innovation drive the company’s product roadmap. For more information, visit Nureva’s website and follow @NurevaInc.


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