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Nureva releases Span™ 1.3 software

Posted by Shari-Lynn Sare on Aug 22, 2016 1:00:00 AM

New trial version and canvas-sharing features give teams more flexibility when collaborating

Calgary, Alberta --- August 22, 2016 --- Nureva Inc., an award-winning collaboration-solutions company, announces the release of Nureva™ Span 1.3 software. The new version, which customers receive automatically through the cloud, enables flexible collaboration in several key ways. Users can easily duplicate canvases to create templates for reuse or create multiple versions of the same canvas during a collaboration session. A new trial version gives access to one canvas within the software at no cost, and guests can now be invited to participate in a canvas. Enhancements in the software also better compensate for inconsistencies in users’ Internet connectivity, enabling smoother collaboration sessions with minimal technical interruptions.

Nureva continues to make meaningful improvements to the flexibility and ease of use of its software, based on customer input. For example, the ability to invite guests to a canvas makes it possible to fully include outside participants in planning or ideation sessions, strengthening the collective output of the group. The canvas duplication feature lets users create custom templates and allows break-out groups to expand their ideas independently. Users can also save versions of the same canvas at several points during longer ideation sessions, enabling easy look-backs to ideas and plans as they develop. Other new features include increased functionality on personal devices, the ability to open web browsers and other desktop applications without having to exit Span software, and more tools for representing ideas, such as text boxes and inking within groups. Collectively, these enhancements ensure the software aligns with and expands our customers’ collaboration and innovation processes.

“We continue our drive to provide our customers with the tools they need for flexible and easy digital collaboration,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “The new features in Span 1.3 software, including the ability to create custom templates, invite guests to a canvas and trial the software at no cost, reflect the valuable insight they’ve provided us.”

About the Span system

The Span system combines a panoramic projector with a 10' 2", 20' 2" or 30' 2" (3.10, 6.15 or 9.19 m) wide projected image to display an expansive 40' by 4' (12.19 m by 1.22 m) digital canvas. Participants create their ideas on their personal devices, either a computer or tablet, and share them in the cloud. The system draws upon familiar, simple and flexible tools already widely used in collaboration processes, including sticky notes, sketches, images and flip charts. The digital canvas retains all of the flexibility that paper-based systems offer (e.g., large workspaces with persistent information) while overcoming many of the deficiencies (e.g., the awkwardness of physically moving large numbers of sticky notes, sticky notes that fall off the wall, challenges of including remote participants in the process, the need for transcription, and storage and retention of the work).

About Span software

In addition to its use with the Span system, Span software works on interactive displays (including interactive whiteboards and interactive flat-panel displays), computers (including laptops and Chromebooks) and tablets. The software can be accessed using the Windows® 8.1+ operating system (including Windows 10), iOS 8.1+ and Android™ 5.0 apps, Chrome™ v.44+ browser and Safari® 9.0+ browser (when used on the Mac OS X 10.10+ operating system).

Additional details about Span 1.3 software

Canvas features

Span 1.3 software offers several new ways to work with canvases:

  • Sharing – canvas owners can invite guests to a canvas, and a canvas can be shared with people who are not subscribers
  • Duplicating – canvas owners can quickly duplicate a canvas, enabling the creation of custom templates
  • Versioning – canvas owners can create view-only versions of a canvas at any time, making it easy to reference earlier ideas and track progress

Interacting from personal devices

Users can now use personal devices to edit items that have been posted to a canvas, including notes, text boxes, sketches and inking. Objects can be easily pinned, unpinned and deleted as needed. This makes it easier for participants to prepare for collaboration sessions and also enables users to fully collaborate using personal devices, computers and interactive displays.

Access to external content

Participants using Span wall software can access and interact with content from other applications, including web browsers and desktop applications, without leaving the software. Content from these applications can also be captured and pasted into the canvas, either as an image or as text in a note or text box.

Input options

New tools enable participants to contribute ideas easily and flexibly:

  • Text boxes – users can add headings and accommodate greater amounts of text
  • Enhanced inking – users can sketch and write within groups, showing connections between objects and annotating freely
  • Expanded color options – ink, text and notes are now available in 10 colors


Span 1.3 software is now available at no additional cost to subscribers.


Three different subscription options are available for Span software. All prices are per user, per month and billed annually:

  • Standard version – for teams who collaborate in small groups and small rooms using standard-sized displays of up to 70" (1.78 m). $10 per month.
  • Premium version – for teams with expansive collaboration environments featuring the Span system or other large-format displays. $15 per month.
  • Enterprise – for large businesses that require administration across many teams using Span software. Custom pricing.

In addition, a new trial version of the software enables teams or individuals to use one canvas within the software at no cost.


Watch this video to explore the many features of Nureva Span 1.3 software.


Download an image of the software in use.

About Nureva

Nureva Inc. develops collaboration solutions where content-rich ideation and problem-solving can flourish. The company focuses on delighting customers with simple, thoughtful hardware, software and services. A passion for deep customer understanding and a commitment to innovation drive the company’s product road map. For more information, visit www.nureva.com.


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