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Nureva™ Span™ system helps Northern Parkway Elementary reimagine its learning spaces

Posted by Shari-Lynn Sare on Jun 20, 2017 1:00:00 AM

New York school transforms a hallway into a hub for collaborative learning

Calgary, Alberta --- June 20, 2017 --- Nureva Inc., an award-winning collaboration-solutions company, announces the integration of its Span visual collaboration system at Northern Parkway Elementary School in Uniondale, New York. The system transformed a school hallway into a dynamic communal space for learning and opened up exciting new ways for students to learn together. The decision to install the 20' (6.10 m) Span system in the hallway made use of the school’s limited wall space and ensured the technology was accessible to all teachers and students.

One of the primary goals of the implementation was to enable collaborative teams to work together more effectively. Northern Parkway has been able to achieve this with the technical guidance and ongoing professional development support provided by Phi Services, a local technology consulting company and an authorized Nureva dealer in New York. The Span system is being used to engage students in a variety of areas, including special education, math and language instruction. For example, many of the school’s 800 students are English Language Learners who can now use the Span system’s expansive interactive canvas to express themselves in a way that’s more collaborative and less intimidating. Using digital vocabulary banks, multiple students work together at the canvas, manipulating words to answer questions instead of having to speak out in class.

“It’s been a really wonderful opportunity to think critically and creatively and do something different for our learners,” says Sheilah Jefferson-Isaac, Northern Parkway’s assistant principal. “We’ve seen that learning does not have to take place in a traditional classroom, and the Span system allows learning to happen all around us, literally.”

“We’re pleased to see schools like Northern Parkway using the Span system to reimagine their learning spaces and create new opportunities for students to collaborate in common spaces and underutilized rooms,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “By making the Span system widely accessible, the school is also ensuring all students have an opportunity to be active contributors to their learning.”


Watch a video to see how students at Northern Parkway Elementary are using the Span system.

About the Span system

Designed for use in a broad range of collaborative activities, the Span system is ideal for developing 21st-century skills including creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication. The system draws upon familiar, simple and flexible tools already widely used in paper-based creative processes in the classroom including sticky notes, sketches, images and flip charts. The system uses a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model to enable collaboration on an expansive digital canvas. Students capture their contributions using personal devices, either a computer or a tablet, and share them on the digital canvas in the cloud. The Span system transforms classroom walls into interactive panoramic workspaces for small-group or whole-class collaboration and is available in a variety of models and configurations. For more information, visit https://www.nureva.com/span-system/user-stories/k12-education.

About Northern Parkway Elementary School

Northern Parkway School is located in Uniondale, New York, and is one of the community’s oldest schools, built in 1923. The K–5 school has 817 students and its motto is: Learning is joyful. The school encourages independent reading and plans school-wide reading activities. All staff members contribute to the cohesive, nurturing learning environment that fosters the growth of all children. Northern Parkway prides itself on being a school that believes developing positive character traits in children is just as important as developing their minds. As of 2015, the school has been recognized as a National School of Character. For more information, visit http://nps.uniondaleschools.org.

About Nureva

Nureva Inc. develops education solutions that foster a joy for learning. The company focuses on delighting customers with simple, thoughtful hardware, software and services. A passion for deep customer understanding and a commitment to innovation drive the company’s product road map. For more information, visit www.nureva.com.


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