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Taking design thinking digital with Span Workspace

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Aug 18, 2016 7:30:00 AM
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As a group facilitator, Hannah Feldberg helps teams use design thinking to make strategic planning and other collaborative activities focused and effective. When she travels to workplaces for sessions and workshops, she’s used to hauling a large bag full of materials along with her.

So when she saw that Nureva™ Span™ Workspace let her replace her bag of stuff with a cloud-based digital canvas that could be accessed anywhere, she was intrigued. And just as crucially, she says the software supports her focus on inclusive participation – because of the product’s design, “it’s almost in-built that people can have an equal voice.”

Hear Hannah’s story about a design thinking tool that helps take processes digital and how that results in team experiences that are more flexible, versatile and inclusive.


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