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Truly advanced audio conferencing

The HDL300 system lets everyone be heard on conference calls

8,192 virtual microphones in one room

The HDL300 audio conferencing system is new technology that finally lets everyone be heard on a conference call no matter where they sit or how they move in a meeting. Remote participants feel like they’re right there with their team. Powered by Nureva™ Microphone Mist™ technology, the HDL300 system fills a room with 8,192 virtual microphones and processes every audio source simultaneously. Now an idea can be heard from anywhere – the back of the room, in front of a display or even the other side of the continent.

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system black speaker bar

Works with your current UC&C platform

Skype® for Business, Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx™, GoToMeeting™, StarLeaf, BlueJeans and most other unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) software are supported by the HDL300 system. It’s recognized as a standard USB audio device, and there are no drivers to install so it’s ready to go out of the box.

Business professionals using he HDL300 audio conferencing system for a team meeting

Fast, hassle-free installation

Simply hang the integrated microphone and speaker bar on the wall, connect the Ethernet (PoE) cable to the connect module, connect the USB cable from the connect module to your computer with UC&C software and you’re ready to go. There’s no clutter on the table and no expensive and complicated installation requirements.

Modern interior design office with a black Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system
CANA Group

“Before switching to the Nureva HDL300 system, we had tried multiple audio conferencing platforms with inconsistent and unreliable audio performance. The HDL300 was easy to install, delivered superior microphone and sound capabilities, and has radically improved the audio conferencing experience for all participants.”

Luke Simpson, Director of Business Development and Marketing, CANA Group

Automatic calibration and updates

Calibrating conventional meeting room microphones can be difficult and expensive. The HDL300 system calibrates automatically and adjusts to changes in the environment. And Nureva audio manager automatically updates so you always have the latest software and firmware.

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system speaker bar

A natural audio experience

Feel like you’re in the room with a system that intelligently discerns and processes sound. The HDL300 system can tell the difference between multiple people speaking and distracting background noises. You hear what you need to hear.

 Remote worker joins her team meeting using the HDL300 audio conferencing system
Wainhouse Research logo

The independent audio engineering experts at Wainhouse Research put the HDL300 through their rigorous review process. Read how it exceeded many of their expectations and beats the competition on features and price.

 Read the report

Wainhouse Research - Evaluation of Nureva’s HDL300 system

More features

Nureva HDL300 15B icon

Real-time hardware

The HDL300 system uses an advanced DSP that’s capable of handling 15,000 MIPS. It replicates the audio experience in the room without the distortions and sound artifacts you get with conventional clean-up processes.

HDL300 wall-mounted design icon

 Superior in-room experience

Because of its space-conscious design, the HDL300 system doesn’t take up extra room on a table or other work surface. And with high-quality speakers, you’ll experience crisp in-room sound with no need for any other audio devices.

HDL300 works with a variety of UC&C software icon

Solves your problem room

Glass walls, movable furniture and HVAC are ingredients for a problem room. With 8,192 virtual microphones and advanced processing, the HDL300 system solves problem rooms because it only picks up the sounds you want and leaves behind the ones you don’t.

Product specifications

Main system components

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system microphone and speaker bar


  • 12 low-noise omnidirectional MEMS microphones
  • Two 4" aluminum cone speakers
  • 100Hz to 5 kHz frequency response
  • Full duplex transmission
  • 60" (152.4 cm) x 5.91" (14.9 cm) x 3.5" (9 cm)
Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system breakout box


  • Digital input (USB 2.0)
  • Analog I/O inputs (3.5 mm unbalanced line In and Out)
  • LEDs to show system status
  • 6.5" (16.5 cm) x 1.41" (3.6 cm) x 4.31" (10 cm)
Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system infared remote


  • Standard audio controls
  • Integrated call controls
  • Slim design, premium finish