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About Nureva

Nureva is an award-winning technology company that develops solutions to the problems that stand in the way of effective group collaboration. We are driven by the belief that a diverse group of individuals working creatively together toward a common goal can accomplish truly incredible things. In business, that means supporting collaborative approaches to idea generation and problem-solving. In education, it’s finding ways to enable rich interactions among students as part of their learning and skills development. In both cases, our simple and thoughtful hardware, software and services make collaboration easy so imagination can flourish.

About our founders

Nureva is a private company founded in 2014 by technology veterans, David Martin (chairman and CTO) and Nancy Knowlton (CEO), the founders and visionaries behind SMART Technologies over its first 25 years. Dave and Nancy have a substantial track record in the audiovisual and IT arena spanning almost 30 years. Dave is driven by a deep understanding of technology trends and how technology solutions can make life better in the classroom and at work. Nancy is regarded as a global expert on the adoption of technology in education. Both Dave and Nancy are acknowledged for their curiosity and learning intensity over many decades. In contrast to their founding of SMART, which was based on the idea for the world’s first and most popular interactive whiteboard and interactive display, Nureva was founded on the belief that assembling a high-caliber team was the most important precondition for success. The company now boasts a team of over 100 people, all of whom bring a passion for solving customer problems. They have a demonstrated ability to build strong teams that can take on challenges and create new product categories globally.