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Remote management of HDL300 systems is easy with new device management

Dave McKean
Posted by Dave McKean on Jun 13, 2019 6:30:00 AM
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Remote management of HDL300 systems is easy with new device management

IT managers are kept very busy keeping their company’s systems running smoothly. Fixing bugs, updating software and firmware and optimizing performance take valuable time. And having to make in-room adjustments and upgrades to systems is inefficient and can cause downtime for valuable meeting rooms.

To meet these challenges, Nureva is pleased to introduce device management, a feature of Nureva Room Manager software that enables IT and systems administrators to remotely manage settings used to configure HDL300 audio conferencing systems, as well as schedule and execute updates to software and firmware.

Using device management, IT administrators can remotely configure the settings on all HDL300 systems (and the Nureva® Wall) via Nureva Room Manager software. Configurable settings include

  • Microphone input volume and pickup
  • Speaker output volume, treble and bass
  • Auxiliary port output and sleep mode
  • Audio processing, including echo reduction and noise reduction
  • Launch fast calibration
  • Backup settings, specifically current settings, restore backed-up settings and reset to factory settings

With device management, IT personnel can also remotely configure and update Nureva Room Manager software, remotely update firmware on all HDL300 systems and schedule updates at a time of their choosing – as one-time operations on regular intervals (e.g., weekly). They can also manage log and reporting levels.

To use device management, IT personnel must first download Nureva Room Manager. Device management functions can then be executed by making manual registry changes with a list of registry keys and values or by using an administrative tool like Group Policy Object to automate the process of writing to the registry. (Download device management files here.)

A growing number of Nureva customers deploy multiple HDL300 systems in meeting rooms and classrooms across multiple spaces and locations. Device management now gives them a quick and simple way to manage all products through Nureva Room Manager software, saving staff time and room downtime otherwise required to manually update their systems.

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Nureva Room Manager puts users and IT personnel in control of their HDL300 audio conferencing systems. You can customize settings for inputs and outputs and schedule and install updates. And device manager lets IT personnel do it all remotely.

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