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Buy with confidence with a top audio conferencing tech warranty

Dave McKean
Posted by Dave McKean on Jul 24, 2019 8:45:00 AM
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Buy with confidence with a top audio conferencing tech warranty

At Nureva, we are proud to design, engineer and manufacture our products to the highest possible standards for industry-leading performance and a long life. It’s why we feel confident in offering two new warranty options – both of which will help you feel even more confident about your purchase of an HDL200, HDL300 or Dual HDL300 system. Here are the details:

Three-year warranty (free) – Nureva® audio conferencing systems come with an automatic two-year warranty on the microphone and speaker bar and connect module (cables and accessories have a 30-day warranty). Now you get a third year free when you register your purchase.

Five-year warranty (three years free, two years paid) – You can purchase an additional two years of warranty coverage. Talk to your dealer for price information.

Compare with our competitors

We invite you to check the warranties of other audio conferencing system manufacturers and suppliers. You’ll see that while many offer one- or two-year free warranties, Nureva is almost alone in offering three free years of coverage. And five-year warranties are almost unheard of.

Talk to your dealer

To register for your free third-year warranty, or if you want to purchase two additional years, just talk to your dealer when you place your order. (You can still sign up for either warranty within 30 days of shipment.)

Always improving

When you purchase any Nureva audio conferencing product, you’re getting a system that’s built to last. With Nureva Console, the Microphone Mist™ technology at the heart of our systems is constantly being updated so your system gets better over time. And now with new extended warranty coverage, you can feel even more assured about the long-term performance of our hardware.

Learn more

Our extended warranties are among the best available.

Warranty details

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