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Share canvases beyond your team with new guest accounts in Span™ Workspace

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Mar 19, 2019 6:00:00 AM
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Span Workspace has always been your virtual space to share ideas, visualize plans and stay aligned with your team. But there are times when you need to get more people involved for a little while – to capture different feedback or make a wider impact. That’s why we’ve introduced new guest accounts that make it easier than ever to bring anyone into your collaborative work – at no extra cost.

Maybe you’re working with an outside contractor who needs to be part of some specific planning activities. Or you’re a consultant who’d like to give clients guest accounts to use during facilitated strategy sessions. Perhaps your scrum team needs to share your product backlog with a stakeholder who isn’t part of your Span Workspace subscription. It’s simple with guest accounts.

Here’s how it works:

How to invite your guests

Step 1 – Open a canvas, click Shareand add your guest’s email address.

Step 2 – Your guest will receive an email with an invitation to set up a user account.

Step 3 – Your guest creates an account with name, email and password in Span Workspace.

And that’s it – your guest is now part of your canvas and the collaboration can begin!

What’s the difference?

We’ve equipped guest users with everything they need to collaborate freely with you in your Span Workspace canvas. They’ll be able to

  • Contribute notes, text boxes, sketches, images and PDFs
  • Edit and group content
  • Create or use templates
  • Share screens
  • Use follow me to lead a collaboration session
  • Export a canvas as a PDF or Excel® file.

You can set their privileges to view, contribute or edit – whatever role you need them to play.

What can’t they do? The biggest difference is in creating canvases and managing them. Only paid users can do the following:

  • Create canvases
  • Manage canvases
  • Invite other people to a canvas
  • Duplicate canvases or create versions
  • Activate QuickShare (but once it’s turned on, anyone can use it)

If your guests want to unlock more features with a full subscription, it’s easy. Right from Span Workspace, they can request to join your subscription. Or they can set up their own 30-day trial to test-drive the product’s full capability before they purchase a subscription for their team.

Span Workspace guest accounts

Taking collaboration further

Guest accounts come in handy any time you need to tap into the collaborative power of people and teams outside your Span Workspace subscription. Unlike QuickShare – which is designed for fast, one-time contributions of notes and images (no email address required) – guest accounts offer people a core set of Span Workspace features and ongoing access to a canvas.

Consultants have told us that guest accounts will make a huge difference in how they run their facilitated sessions. It’s now easy to create a canvas for brainstorming, ideation or planning and invite clients to participate. They can quickly create an account and then log into the canvas to contribute notes, sketches, images and more, using their phones or laptops. Everyone can work together in the canvas in real time.

On college and university campuses, our new guest accounts offer an easy way to get more students involved in lectures or seminars. Though many students have full accounts for project work, others may only need access to a canvas their professor has created – providing an easy way to boost active learning.

Have you tried inviting guests to your canvases yet? Let us know what you think – email support@nureva.com with your thoughts.

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