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Span™ Workspace quick tip: Keyboard shortcuts you need to know

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on May 15, 2019 6:00:00 AM
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Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts for Span™ Workspace designed to save team members time and hassle? From undo and redo to quick note creation, we have you covered. Whether you’re preparing a canvas, generating ideas or working within templates, try out these shortcuts to make your work a little smoother.

Undo and redo

It’s easy to undo and redo your actions in a Span Workspace canvas. Here are the keyboard shortcuts to remember:

Undo – Ctrl + z (Command + z on a Mac)
Redo – Ctrl + y or Ctrl + Shift + z (Command + Shift + z on a Mac)

Undo and redo in Span Workspace

You’ll be able to undo or redo your last 100 actions – including annotations to images, sketching, item placement and more. If you’re editing in a text box, up to 2,000 keystrokes can be undone. And if you've contributed an object to a canvas, undo also lets you return it back to your personal tray.

When you’re working with other people in a canvas, undo and redo still work. You can undo or redo anything you’ve done, but you can’t undo or redo the actions of your fellow collaborators.

Once someone else starts working with an object you created or added, you’ve passed over control and won’t be able to undo your previous actions. But that person can still undo or redo anything that she’s done.

Full screen mode

Sometimes you need all the canvas space you can get. To enter full screen mode, just press F11 on your keyboard (Ctrl + Command + F on a Mac). Your open tabs, bookmarks and browser tools will disappear, buying you more canvas real estate and fewer distractions. When you need access to your browser tabs, just use the same keyboard shortcut again.

Full screen mode in Span Workspace

Quick note creation

Do you love sticky notes? Sometimes it helps to create a bunch of notes quickly. By pressing Shift + Enter when you have a note open, you can generate as many as you need in seconds.

This comes in handy during facilitated brainstorming sessions, when tons of ideas are being contributed to a canvas. Teams using Span Workspace to keep track of many tasks – perhaps during sprint planning or while reviewing a digital Kanban board – also benefit from quick note creation.

Quick note creation in Span Workspace

Copy and paste

One of the great parts of taking your processes digital is you’ll never need to rewrite a sticky note or a chart heading again.

Span Workspace has many ways to save the time spent on redoing work, including the standard keyboard shortcuts you’re used to. Just press Ctrl + C to copy and Ctrl + V to paste (Command instead of Ctrl for Mac users).

You can copy and paste within a canvas or use shortcut keys to add content from other applications. You can also use the shortcuts to bring content from one canvas to another – just make sure both canvases are open in the same browser. And of course, you can also use the menu in Span Workspace to duplicate objects, groups or whole canvases.

Copy and paste in Span Workspace

Do you use shortcut keys when you create canvases? Are there any we’re missing? Let us know – email support@nureva.com with your ideas.

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