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Update: SSO integration comes to Span Workspace

Posted by Nureva on Nov 18, 2018 11:40:27 AM

Today’s a big day for Span™ Workspace as we roll out a much-anticipated feature – single-sign on integration. Plus, there’s a colorful addition to your content tools and a new way to access them.

SSO integration

As our user base grows globally, we’ve heard from many large organizations how essential SSO is to their security processes and data accessibility. So we’re excited to check this box and introduce SSO integration in Span Workspace.

The basis for our SSO integration is OpenID Connect, a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Right now we support SSO integration for Microsoft® Azure® AD, but we’ll soon be adding support for additional cloud-based providers such as Ping, OKTA and OneLogin.

With this new feature, administrators can control user authentication, implement multifactor authentication and enforce password complexity through their cloud SSO service providers. It also makes it faster and easier for users to access their Span canvases.

New note colors

On a different note, we’ve introduced a new way to brighten up your Span Workspace canvases. We now have 24 colors available for your digital sticky notes and groups.

Nureva Span Workspace new note colors

Quite a few customers, especially agile and lean teams, have told us that having a wide variety of note colors helps categorize tasks on their Kanban and scrum boards.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to make collaboration a bit more colorful?

Easier access to tools

We’ve also made it a little bit easier to add content to a canvas when working on the web client. Now when you right-click, your tools menu pops up, giving you the choice to add content, paste from another canvas or add or remove space.

Nureva Span Workspace dwell menu

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