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Update: Introducing Jira®-synced notes in Span™ Workspace

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Oct 8, 2019 1:00:00 AM
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Calling all Jira users – would you like your tools to work better together? A couple of months ago, we were excited to announce an integration between Span Workspace and Jira Software. Today, we’ve doubled down with more updates that make planning in Span Workspace and then running projects in Jira even smoother.

With our new two-way sync functionality, everything you do to a note in Span Workspace can be seen in the synced Jira issue. And any change you make in Jira shows up in Span Workspace. No matter what tweaks you make or what tool you’re using, you can feel assured that you always have access to the latest information.


Introducing Jira-synced notes

It’s all possible with our latest addition to the Span Workspace toolbox – Jira-synced notes. As soon as you create a Jira issue from a note, it turns into a Jira-synced note. You’ll recognize it by the Jira symbol in the top-left corner.

Jira-synced notes operate a little differently than regular notes. Any time you want to update the synced Jira issue, just click on the Jira icon in the note’s menu. You’ll be able to assign the Jira issue to a team member, a specific sprint or epic, and add story points when you’re doing your sprint planning.

And it works in reverse. If you make a change in Jira, you’ll see it reflected in the synced note in Span Workspace. For example, if the issue summary has changed since the planning meeting, just make your edits right in Jira. Next time you open your Span Workspace canvas, the note content will have changed to match.

Sprint planning simplicity

With this new integration, sprint planning becomes simpler, more visual and more powerful. In the early stages of work, Span Workspace can be used to strip away all the unnecessary details that bog teams down. By just looking at notes and groups, it’s easier to keep the focus on only the information needed to form a strong plan. And the huge amount of space gives teams the room they need to visualize how all the elements of their sprint will come together. By planning with Span Workspace, teams get all the visual clarity that comes from working with paper stickies – but without the challenges of using them to plan collaboratively with a distributed team.

Then once planning is done, it’s simple to capture everything in a tool built for development teams to manage the details and tame their workflows. Scrum masters won’t be stuck typing the records of a planning session into Jira after the meeting’s done – all that work is done for them.

Because a Jira-synced note is connected to a Jira issue, the Span canvas is a visual record of everything happening in the sprint. If plans change or details get refined, both tools always stay up to date. Team members will always have access to the latest information, whether they happen to be in Span Workspace or Jira.


The nitty gritty

Jira integration is available to all Span Workspace users. Outside of needing a Jira Software account, there’s no extra cost or upgrades needed.

Two things need to be done before you can start using this integration. First, your Jira administrator needs to create an application link in Jira – here’s how. Then Jira-using team members can connect their accounts.

Ready to get started? Try it out today and let us know what you think.

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