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Update: New agile templates come to Span™ Workspace

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Dec 3, 2019 1:00:00 AM
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We have too much time on our hands – said no scrum master ever. That’s why you can’t afford to waste valuable minutes creating the same workflow tools over and over. And now you won’t have to.

We’re pleased to announce that we just added 13 new agile templates to Span Workspace. Now it’s easier to analyze your product strategy, build a user persona, run a sprint retrospective and more – with real-time participation from all team members and stakeholders.

How to get started

To try out the built-in templates, just create a new canvas and click on the templates drawer. You’ll find many options to help your team start collaborating right away.


Once you drag a template to your canvas, try customizing it to meet your team’s needs. You can change its name, label different subgroups or hide all the names all together. You can even color code different parts of the intelligent templates, so that notes people add into each part turn a different color. And once your session is done, you can sync any actions with Jira® Software or do a quick export of your canvas into Excel® software.

That’s it. Now you and everyone else you invite to the canvas can share ideas, track workflows and determine priorities – with next to no setup time.

Visualizing agile

The templates support teams at various stages of their process.

Here’s what we’ve added:

Planning templates
A range of business planning templates make it easier to develop your product roadmap and organize sprints:

  • Opportunity canvas – Get a bigger picture view of a problem your team is tackling
  • Prioritization matrix – Determine which product backlog items will make the most impact
  • Product vision board – Visualize and confirm your product strategy
  • Value vs. risk – Easily classify items by level of risk and level of value
  • Sprint planning – Sort items into discovery, design, development and complete

Persona templates
Three new templates help teams better understand and meet the needs of their customers:

  • Proto-persona template – Quickly brainstorm persona demographics, behaviors and needs
  • Persona template – Capture persona details including name, details and goals
  • Empathy map – Create a shared team understanding of user behaviors and feelings

Task board templates
Whether your team uses Kanban or Scrum, you now have multiple ready-to-use options to meet your needs:

  • Kanban 1 – Use a simple Kanban board to get teamwork flowing
  • Kanban 2 – Separately track development and testing tasks with a more complex board
  • Scrum board – Visualize your sprint from start to finish

Retrospective templates
Several templates are included to make your next sprint retrospective more fun and engaging:

  • Basic retrospective – Take the temperature of your team by asking what went well, what needs improvement and what actions to take
  • Sailboat retrospective – Use a sailboat metaphor to track your team’s helps, hindrances, goals and risks 
  • Timeline retrospective – Look back on key developments over multiple sprints

Tailor-made options

Is your team looking for something more custom? Just create your own templates. If you want to start simple, you can build quick templates just by adding colored groups to your canvas.

Or does your team have a specific format it likes? Import an image into Span Workspace and convert it into your own intelligent template. You can even add subgroups so notes added to the template change color. Get the details.

And if you’re an Intel Unite® user, check out Nureva Sketch. This Intel Unite Plugin gives you simple digital whiteboarding tools that make it possible to sketch the template you need and then export it to a Span Workspace canvas.

No matter whether you’re taking advantage of our new ready-to-use agile templates or creating something unique, Span Workspace can help strengthen your team’s processes.

Try out our 13 new additions today – and let us know if there’s a template you’d love to see next.

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