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Update: Skip the prep with agile canvas templates in Span Workspace

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Feb 25, 2020 8:00:00 AM
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In Span™ Workspace, digital canvases offer endless possibilities to visualize agile work. You can adapt them to deliver exactly what your team needs.

But what if a blank canvas is causing frustration instead of inspiration? Sometimes a starting point helps – especially when you’re new to a tool or a process.

That’s why we’ve introduced canvas templates for agile teams. They give you ready-to-use tools for your most common agile activities, saving prep time and kick-starting teamwork.

Blank canvases are still at the core of Span Workspace – teams love their flexibility and versatility, so they’re not going anywhere. But now, canvas templates give another option to get started faster. They also make it quicker and easier to bring new Span Workspace users on board, helping everyone get on the same page right away.

How to begin

To access canvas templates, just click the button to create a new canvas. You’ll find a selection of agile canvas templates, designed to help teams save time as they start using Span Workspace.

Each template comes in two flavors. Choose New, and you’ll launch a canvas that will instantly help your team map user stories, refine the product backlog or engage in another agile ceremony. Invite your team to the canvas and it’s good to go.

If you’d like more insight into how a template can be used, choose Example. You’ll have access to a canvas full of notes and items showing how another agile team might have used this same canvas.

Want to take a peek at a canvas template before you use it? Click Preview, and you’ll open up a view-only version of the canvas, which you can easily switch for a new or example one if you’d like.


A canvas for all your ceremonies

Do you have an agile team activity that you’d like to take digital? There’s probably a new canvas template ready to help. Here’s what you’ll find:

User story mapping

Get tools and templates that let you create user personas, develop better user stories and add those stories to a product backlog.

Backlog refinement

Organize your product backlog with help from the agile prioritization matrix and other visualization tools.

Sprint planning

Use QuickShare to quickly estimate user stories, and then add them to a sprint planning chart that will map your stories from discovery to done.

Scrum board

Take advantage of a color-coded scrum board to quickly visualize your team’s progress through a sprint.

Kanban board

Set WIP limits on a color-coded Kanban board that will help everyone on your team achieve flow.


Quickly and anonymously gather input from your team about what went well, improvements needed and action items.

And this is just the beginning – let us know if there’s an activity you’d like to see next.

We’ve also included a Span Workspace introduction canvas. It walks people through what they need to know to get started, including how to share canvases, create custom templates and set up Jira® Software integration.

New Scrum@Scale™ heat map

Are you interested in scaling Scrum in your organization? We’ve added a heat map developed by Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and founder of Scrum Inc. and Scrum@Scale.

With this Scrum@Scale template, you can quickly assess the health of your agile organization, in preparation for scaling Scrum. Using notes and groups in Span Workspace, team members share how well they think their organization is doing in categories such as prioritization, strategic vision and more.

Once people have added their opinions, it’s easy to get a big picture view of where you sit as an organization. Lots of green and yellow means you’re on the right track. Orange and purple indicate impediments that need to be resolved. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post that walks you through exactly how to use this canvas template.

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