Collaboration tools 
for agile and lean

Take your sticky-note process digital, and don’t lose a thing

Collaboration tools 
for agile and lean

Take your sticky-note process digital, and don’t lose a thing

Collaboration tools 
for agile and lean

Take your sticky-note process digital, and don’t lose a thing

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“Nothing else gives us the power to simultaneously generate content and run a real-time agile work environment while sharing across multiple people in multiple locations - indispensable with virtually no learning curve.”

– Gregory Hart
Partner, Wayfinders

Put your team in the fast lane

The sticky-note wall – what would you do without it? It’s an essential tool for visualizing information and making sure everyone is on the same page. But do you wish it worked better? Nureva keeps what you love about the sticky-note process while adding the digital tools needed today. Get expansive digital canvases, custom digital templates and online access to all your information. Best of all, with our audio conferencing systems it doesn’t matter if you’re in the room or calling in – everyone can fully participate.

Team using Nureva Wall and Span Workspace for project planning

Expect more from your walls

Get your walls working for you with a solution that combines the simplicity of paper with the power of digital. Unlimited virtual canvases mean you won’t run out of space, plus you’ll never misplace a sticky or have to snap a photo of your Kanban or scrum board. No need to lock-down rooms or leave remote people feeling locked out.

Agile team using Nureva Span Workspace as a digital Kanban board

Built for your processes

Choose technology that’s designed to work the way you work. You don’t have to compromise your tried-and-true processes. Turn your go-to templates digital and then use familiar sticky notes to track tasks. Collaborate on the multitouch Nureva™ Wall or from your own device. Going digital has never been so simple.

Remote participant contributing to a Nureva Span Workspace canvas

Anywhere, anytime

Remove barriers to collaboration. With the HDL300 audio conferencing systems and Span™ Workspace, people can participate fully in every stand-up meeting or retrospective, no matter where they are. Say goodbye to hard-to-hear conference calls and pixelated video feeds. The information you need is easy to access anywhere.

Coming soon: Jira® Software integration

We’re making it simpler for agile teams to use Span Workspace and Jira together. Want to test-drive the beta preview of our new Jira integration? Find out how your agile team can get early access.

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Ways you can use Span Workspace

Grooming the backlog

Grooming the backlog canvas in Nureva Span Workspace

A lean construction team is facing backlog overwhelm. Their hospital addition project has a lot of moving parts, and it’s crucial everyone works efficiently. They use Span Workspace to shape and prioritize tasks and ensure the entire team is aligned on what comes next.

Daily stand-up

Daily stand-up canvas in Nureva Span Workspace

When it’s time for daily stand-up, a software development team uses a Span canvas to track how stories are progressing. It’s simple for everyone to discuss blocks and keep work moving. Even people who are out of the office today can see everything happen in real time.

Sprint retrospective

Sprint retrospective canvas in Nureva Span Workspace

The sprint is over, and it’s time to discuss what went well, what didn’t and what needs to be adjusted for the next iteration. Team members use their laptops and phones to contribute ideas on stickies, and it’s simple to pull up extra data or screen shares to inform the discussion.

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