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More is more

The Nureva™ Span™ system gives your ideas room to grow

Choose your Nureva Span system configuration

Step back. See the big picture.

Great ideas need room to grow. And contributions can’t be considered if they can’t be seen. The Span system has been specifically designed to enable a new way of working and learning – where collaboration and creativity are essential.



Panoramic projector

Gain unprecedented space for collaboration with this 16:6 SSI projector, which offers low maintenance operation over 25,000 hours of life.


Image alignment and touch modules

Create multiple configurations with more than one projector, enabling up to 30 simultaneous touch points on a triple system.


Expansive canvas

Access 40' (12.19 m) of digital collaboration space by panning your canvas at the wall or your device.


Access from devices

Generate ideas on personal devices, add them to the shared canvas and then see any changes to the canvas in real time.

Product sheet

Because one size never fits all

If you need to collaborate – whether in big meeting spaces, huddle rooms or classrooms – there’s a Span system to help. Choose the configuration that suits your spaces, working style and budget. 


Transform your walls into focal points for creative collaboration. With 10 simultaneous touch points on either a 7' (2.13 m) or 10' 2" (3.10 m) interactive digital wall, everyone can share ideas and solve problems. Multiple systems can also be combined to give larger groups the space they need to visualize content.

Panoramic Span system


Add a whole new dimension to your work areas. The system can be easily configured to wrap around a corner, turning an underused space into a hub of collaborative activity. Or link three displays to create a huddle room that surrounds teams with digital content, enabling them to access large amounts of data in a small space.

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Immersive Span system


Quickly transform walls into ad hoc collaboration spaces. The mobile system can be wheeled where it’s needed to create a 6' 2" (1.88 m) interactive workspace, or join multiple systems for up to 18' 6" (5.64 m) of visual real estate. Give break-out groups the tools they need, or share technology among multiple rooms. It’s the ultimate solution for flexible workplaces where innovation can happen anywhere.

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Mobile Span system

Product components

Span system components


Panoramic and immersive systems

  • SSI projector (full-HD 16:9 or ultrawide 16:6)
  • Touch module
  • Image alignment module
  • Pens and remote
  • WhisperTek surface (optional)

Mobile Span system components


Mobile system

  • Sleek mobile cart
  • Integrated HD 1080p SSI projector
  • Side-mounted USB port
  • Single power cable
  • Infrared interactive pens

Optional WhisperTek surface

WhisperTek surface

When ideas are flowing fast, a touch-friendly surface is crucial. Feel the difference with this high-performance, bezel-less projection surface that delivers an uninterrupted touch experience while eliminating hot spots and glare. The optional WhisperTek surface (designed for use with panoramic and immersive Span systems) ships as a lightweight roll and can be easily applied to many walls.

Other compatible display hardware

Interested in using your existing displays to collaborate?
Optimize your team spaces with Span software.

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards

Interactive flat panels

Interactive flat panels 

Interactive projectors

Interactive projectors

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