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Designed for your design process

Designers collaborating with the Nureva Span visual collaboration system

Walls arent the obstacle. Walls are the solution.

Doodles in a sketchbook. Caffeine fueled brainstorming sessions. No matter how you work, the Nureva™ Span™ visual collaboration system fits into your design process. It transforms any wall into an interactive surface so designers have more room to invite new voices, explore new ideas and discover new insights. Whatever your design discipline, discover a bigger canvas that makes your process more efficient. 

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Visual Design

Graphics  |  UX  |  UI  |  Illustration  |  Interactive

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Artifact Design

Engineering  |  Craft  |  Fashion  |  Product

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Environmental Design

Architecture  |  Interior design  |  Landscaping

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Follow and listen

Get more space to empathize. Instead of just a snapshot, the Span system offers an expansive look at how your users think and what they need. User responses, comparative products and all your research can fit on one massive canvas. Let your walls become a doorway to your user.

Creating a note on the Nureva Span visual collaboration system

At every step of the design process, visualize the change the world needs.

Overhead shot of a modern white desk
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Ideas and inspiration

Move collaboration away from the table. The Span system’s flexibility empowers a more natural way of collaborating and brainstorming. Sketch on the wall, send a sticky note with your device, contribute remotely and work the way you want to work. With so many ways to contribute, you can open your process to more voices, perspectives and ideas.

Two designers actively collaborating on a tablet

“Creates a terrific collaboration space for anyone wanting to disrupt and reimagine the world.”

Chrystia Chudczak Executive director of the ISED Design Lab

Blue icon with plus symbol

Create and build

Step back for a better perspective on your work. Compare multiple renderings of a model side-by-side or visually track the evolution of a design. Instead of limiting your work to a single monitor, give it the space it needs to grow. Using your walls, the Span system helps you see how your design fits into the bigger picture.

Male working on the Nureva Span visual collaboration system for a design review

“A game changer for us, as our teams throughout the world are able to collaborate in real-time.”

Jim McCafferty President and CEO of JMP Creative

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React and validate

Bring together designers, stakeholders and users for a collaborative validation process. In real time, everybody from project managers to test users can annotate and provide feedback right onto your design. Whether that happens at the wall, remotely or through a device, you get the feedback from the people who matter.

Male and female collaborating on a design review using the Nureva Span visual collaboration system

Design thinking process

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