Nureva Inc. legal

Trademark and brand guidelines

Approved nouns

  • surface
  • interactive surface
  • projection surface

Attribution statements

  • When the brand for the WhisperTek surface is evident, a footnote incorporating the following must be used: “WhisperTek is a trademark of Nureva Inc. in the United States, Canada and other countries.”

Trademark usage

  • As with all other trademarks, the trademark for the WhisperTek surface is an adjective and not a noun. Appropriate and approved nouns must follow the trademark. See the above list of approved nouns.
  • Use the trademark symbol appropriately as WhisperTek™
  • Use the ™ symbol in the first appearance of the trademark in a headline or the first prominent use and first appearance in the body text
  • Never abbreviate or hyphenate the trademark for the WhisperTek surface
  • Never incorporate the trademark for the WhisperTek surface or any part of the trademark into a third party’s company name, product brand name or model number