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Is your distributed agile team facing collaboration roadblocks?

Remote people disconnected icon

Remote people disconnected?

Agile teams with remote members are on the rise. But keeping everyone on the same page can be tricky if everyone’s not in the same room.
Can't see the big picture icon

Can’t see the big picture?

Without a way to visualize stories and tasks, it’s harder for teams to stay connected throughout the sprint – or deliver what’s needed.
Too much rework icon

Too much rework?

You might be transcribing paper sticky notes into Jira®. Or inputting data into multiple tech applications. Either way, your time could be used better.

Eliminate remote team roadblocks

Choose simple

Choose simple Span Workspace agile canvas

Get technology that works how you work – no need to change your tried-and-true processes. With Span Workspace, digital tools are as simple as paper sticky notes. And flexible groups and custom templates let you tailor every canvas to exactly what your distributed team needs.

See the big picture

See the big picture Span Workspace agile canvas

Carve out the space you need to visualize every workflow and map every plan. It’s easy to see how tasks fit together with color-coded groups and connectors. And no matter where you are, your sticky-note wall and canvases are just a click away, on the largest interactive display or the phone in your pocket.

Work faster together

Work faster together Span Workspace agile canvas

Remove collaboration barriers while working from home with real-time tools that keep up with your pace. There’s no more need to transcribe sticky notes. You can send canvas content right to Jira Software. And QuickShare lets anyone make contributions without logging in.

Collaborate remotely

Collaborate remotely Span Workspace agile canvas

Distributed team members can actively collaborate in every planning session, stand-up meeting or retrospective, no matter where they are. With real-time tools plus the ability to screen share or lead a meeting from anywhere, no one gets left out.

The best of both worlds

Keep what you love about your sticky-note wall while adding flexible digital tools you can access anywhere.

After | Digital
Before | Analog
Digital agile sticky note wall
Analog agile sticky note wall
Nureva Span Workspace interface displayed on an IFP utilizing agile canvas in a meeting

Agile tools hit the big time

Take advantage of the multitouch capabilities of your shared displays – every Span Workspace feature your team loves on its laptops and phones works just as well on interactive flat panels, interactive whiteboards and our 40-point multitouch Nureva™ Wall system.

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How-to video series

How to run a better sprint planning meeting

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Remote story point estimation made simple

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Boost engagement in your next sprint retrospective

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Gregory Hart

Nothing else gives us the power to simultaneously generate content and run a real-time agile work environment while sharing across multiple people in multiple locations – indispensable with virtually no learning curve.

Gregory Hart
Founder, Inception University

Nothing else gives us the power to simultaneously generate content and run a real-time agile work environment while sharing across multiple people in multiple locations – indispensable with virtually no learning curve.

Gregory Hart
Gregory Hart
Founder, Inception University
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Unlimited canvases
Type and draw on notes
Mark-up images and PDFs
Sketch and use text boxes
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Free guest access
Multiple screen sharing
Follow me mode
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Flexible grouping
Ready-to-use templates
Custom template creation
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User permission controls
Data exporting
Canvas tagging and sorting
Duplication and versioning

Protect your team data

We take security as seriously as you do. Find out how we protect the integrity and accessibility of your data.

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Jira Software integration

Use your devices to create new Jira issues right in a canvas. Any updates you make in Span Workspace or Jira will be reflected in both tools. No rework required.

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Free guest accounts

Making stakeholders part of your process shouldn’t cost you time or money. When you purchase Span Workspace, you can invite anyone to contribute content, edit canvases, share screens and more – at no extra cost to you or them.

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