Nureva visual collaboration ecosystem - Integrations

Visual collaboration ecosystem

Well connected

Workflow applications

Accelerate team processes and simplify collaboration

  • Quickly create new Jira® issues directly from a canvas using notes and groups. With Jira-synced notes, any updates you make in Span™ Workspace or Jira Software will be automatically reflected in both tools.

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  • Simplify team collaboration and communication by adding a Span Workspace canvas right into a Microsoft Teams channel. You can map out ideas and visualize plans, all without leaving your conversation.

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Identity providers

Strengthen security and simplify user access

  • Use single sign-on (SSO) through Microsoft Azure® AD® to access canvases with a single set of familiar credentials, plus the added protection of multifactor authentication.

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  • Integrate Okta’s always-on SSO with Span Workspace, giving your organization a full-featured federation engine, flexible access policy and a customizable user experience.

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  • Combine Ping® solutions with Span Workspace to provide users with easy and secure access to their canvases through a simple and flexible SSO provider.

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