Span Workspace - Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

SpanTM Workspace
and Microsoft® Teams:

A match made for collaboration

Teamwork made simple

Enhance your Microsoft Teams conversations with a tool for big picture thinking and planning. When you add a Span Workspace canvas into a Teams channel, you can use it to organize workflows and visualize plans in real time, all without leaving the channel. No app switching required!

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Visualize project planning

Visualize project planning

Adding a canvas to your project planning channels gives teams the flexibility to visualize ideas and brainstorm solutions. Everyone’s contributions can be seen at a glance. As work evolves, having the canvas in your channel makes it simple to reference (or adjust) your original plans and stay on track.

Keep everything in one place

Keep everything in place

Essential background files – including PDFs, diagrams, links and more – can be brought together in a Span Workspace canvas and then added to a channel or conversation. You won’t have to exit Teams to find what you need, and it’s simple for anyone to update the canvas with the latest information.