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Nureva™ Wall

Supersize your
collaborative workspace

Transform any shared space with a Nureva interactive wall that gives groups unprecedented room to visualize every idea and map every process. With a Nureva Wall, more actually is more.

Nureva Wall WM408i system

Step back.
See the big picture.

Highly collaborative teams need space – to plan every step, align every individual and obtain every insight. It's amazing the power and clarity you gain when everyone can see all information at a glance. Discover how this large-format interactive wall gives you both the physical and virtual room you need to get more from your team processes. Nureva Wall systems are optimized for Span™ software but can be used with any Windows® application.

Because one size never fits all

When you’re equipping your collaborative workspaces, you need the flexibility to choose solutions that are exactly right for you. Nureva Wall configurations can be as small as 7' 6" (2.30 m) wide or as large as 60' (18.29 m) wide. They can span the length of a wall or be placed in a corner. Here are a few options.

Single Nureva Wall WM408i configuration
Double Nureva Wall WM408i configuration
Triple Nureva Wall WM408i configuration
Corner Nureva Wall WM408i configuration
Triple corner Nureva Wall WM408i configuration
Surround Nureva Wall WM408i configuration

The ideal team space

Every morning the team gathers around a Nureva Wall, resolving roadblocks and sharing progress in Span software. The HDL300 audio conferencing system makes it easy for two remote team members to call in. On Friday, the team will rearrange the furniture, extend a different Span canvas onto the interactive flat-panel to demo work and invite stakeholders to give their real-time feedback.

Engaged and empowered

It’s crunch time for these students as they hit the homestretch on a semester-long project. While a few generate ideas on the Nureva Wall, others use devices to add example images to a canvas. When a group joins remotely (using the HDL300 system), there’s a heated debate about next steps. But screen sharing in Span software brings clarity and gets everyone on the same page.

Nureva Wall WM408i system

Available for preorder now. Shipping in June 2018.


Start with an ultra-short-throw HD projector. Add a projected capacitive touch surface. The result is an expansive interactive space to support your team processes like never before.

  • High-performance multitouch on virtually any wall, in any space, regardless of wall type or lighting
  • Automated start-up experience through presence detection
  • Multiple units can be combined to get a digital workspace tailored to your needs

Other available models



This full-HD model uses a 16:9 1080p projector to create a 7' (2.13 m) interactive canvas on your walls. Solid-state illumination (SSI) offers 25,000 hours of carefree operation.



For schools and other groups looking for a lot of interactive space at an economical price, the ultrawide SSI 16:6 720p projector creates a 10' 2" (3.10 m) canvas for sharing and discovery.



The integrated mobile cart uses a 16:9 1080p projector and can be wheeled anywhere to create a 6' 2" (1.88 m) interactive workspace. Two infrared interactive pens are included.

Software to power your processes

With Span software, you have expansive cloud-based interactive canvases your team can use to visualize ideas and map processes – together. Discover the collaboration tools you need to accelerate your work.

Book your live demo

Discover how the Nureva Wall and Span software accelerate team processes and help groups work together anywhere.


Advanced audio conferencing

Complement your Nureva Wall with the HDL300 audio conferencing system, which uses game-changing Microphone Mist™ technology to fill a room with 8,192 virtual microphones so everyone can be heard.