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Nureva Room Manager

NurevaTM Wall tools

Precision controls and effortless upgrades for your Nureva Wall systems

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Easy setup

Quickly get your Nureva Wall up and running. Everything you need to set up and customize your configuration is in one place.
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Hassle-free upgrades

Always have the latest features of your Nureva Wall. You’ll know right away when upgrades are available.

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Manage linked displays

Easily link multiple displays for seamless collaboration across several projectors and touch panels.

Everything you need in one place

Recalibrate for better multitouch. Adjust your image alignment. Link multiple displays to extend Span™ Workspace across several touch panels. And do it all from one intuitive interface.

Seeing is believing

See how the Nureva Wall and Span Workspace can accelerate your team’s processes in our live, personalized demo.

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