Follow me

Follow the action or lead from anywhere. With Span™ Workspace, distributed teams stay connected and productive.


Male using Nureva Span Workspace on a Nureva Wall

Follow everything

When you turn on follow me mode, your view of a canvas is shown to all participants, allowing everyone to watch as you move through the canvas. People can unfollow or follow again at any time.

Female using Nureva Span Workspace on a laptop

Take the lead

Remote team members can lead a collaborative session from their personal device. Follow me also gives people in the room a handy way to control the Nureva™ Wall from their chairs.

Tools built for remote teams

From daily standups to retrospectives to cross-functional alignment sessions, the follow me tool makes teamwork more efficient and collaborative. You’ll have no questions about where to focus. No squinting at blurry video feeds. No struggling to have perspectives heard. Make remote collaboration painless with Span Workspace.

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