Intelligent groups
and custom templates

Turn your go-to process templates into flexible digital tools – and don’t lose a thing.


Span Workspace intelligent groups

Groups shape ideas

Map complex processes and organize ideas using intelligent groups in Span™ Workspace. You can now use color coding, so notes placed in a group all share the same color. Try embedding groups within groups and assigning each a different color. 
Span Workspace custom templates

Templates go digital

Bring any image – like a Kanban board, journey map or retrospective chart – into Span Workspace and convert it into an intelligent group. You're now ready to build more functionality into your dynamic template by adding subgroups, colors and labels. Keep the tools you love but make them better.

Your processes. Your way.

Does your team run on sprints? Build a template for all your epics and stories. In the pull planning camp? Take your boards and turn them digital. From empathy maps to retrospective charts to storyboards, Span Workspace lets you tailor your visual collaboration tools to your team’s exact processes.

Try for yourself

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