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Unlimited canvases
Type and draw on notes
Mark-up images and PDFs
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Free guest access
Multiple screen sharing
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Flexible grouping
Ready-to-use templates
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User permission controls
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Canvas tagging and sorting
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$10 per user/month billed annually

*USD, subscription includes 5+ users. Academic pricing is available to not-for-profit educational institutions, including accredited universities, colleges and K–12 schools.

Tap into the power of visual collaboration and active learning. Students and faculty get all the features of Span Workspace, including canvas creation and real-time content sharing. Try Span Workspace for active learning, project work, meetings, research and more.

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An Academic subscription is $10 per user, per month, billed annually (applicable taxes not included). Subscriptions include a minimum of 5 user licenses (it’s easy to add more) to help teams get the most out of all Span Workspace’s collaborative features. With your subscription, users with an account can create and join as many canvases as they need, and you’ll have unlimited data storage during your subscription.

If you have more than 100 users, contact us about our volume pricing.

This depends. To access all Span Workspace’s features, including canvas creation, students need their own accounts. But if professors and instructors plan to use Span Workspace primarily as an in-class tool, students could be invited as guests instead. Guest access lets people contribute to canvases but not create their own. QuickShare is also available if you want a tool for fast canvas additions – no logging in required!

Certainly! Educators can use canvases to map curriculum, coordinate extracurricular activities, make meetings collaborative and more. But because all users must be 18 years or older, Span Workspace isn’t suited to classroom use with K–12 students.

As soon as you sign up, our customer success team will be right there with you, helping to get you up and running. We’ll ask you about the problems you’re trying to solve and how you plan to use our tools, plus we’ll share ready-to-use canvases and templates to help you make good use of your 30 days with Span Workspace.

Yes, it is – and no credit card is required. With your fully featured trial subscription, you and your colleagues can create as many canvases as you need and share them for 30 days.

Do you own a phone? A computer? Then you’re set. Span Workspace works on all your devices, including phones, tablets, Chromebook™ computers, laptops and desktops plus shared tools like interactive displays.

Extremely well, because we developed Span Workspace with multiple users and multitouch displays in mind. When we first came up with the idea for Span Workspace, our mandate was to create a solution for any platform or collaboration environment. We even created a separate Span Workspace application, which we call the wall client, that’s been fine-tuned for use with multitouch displays. If you have a Span Workspace license, you can download the wall client onto your interactive flat panels, interactive whiteboards or interactive projectors at no extra cost.

The Nureva Wall is the perfect display for institutions that need more physical working space than is offered by a typical interactive display, at a way more reasonable price. A dual system will give you a 15' (4.57 m) wide surface for collaborative work or active learning, with an incredible 40 points of touch. You can even link multiple units to create an interactive space that’s up to 60' (18.29 m) wide. It works great with Span Workspace and all your other applications.

All sorts of universities and colleges! Here’s where you can get an idea of some of the use cases. And check out our customer stories page for specifics on how a few of our customers are using Nureva products.

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