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Keep your distributed team aligned with real-time collaboration tools that let everyone see the big picture.

You can have a heading

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Create together

Your workflows might be complex. But your technology shouldn’t be. With Span Workspace, everyone can use laptops, phones or other devices to create within a canvas – from anywhere in the world. You get familiar tools – notes, text boxes, sketches, images and PDFs – that simplify collaboration. But you also get digital perks, like hyperlinks, editing tools, annotation and more.

Share more


Easily share digital notes and images to a canvas from a phone, tablet or laptop – no logging in required.

Screen sharing

Share multiple live applications in one canvas. Anyone can share, and different screens are seen at once.

Follow me

Take control of the canvas view that others see as you work together at a distance.

Organize it all

Get your plans in shape with flexible groups that work how you need them to. Subgroups and color-coding help everyone see at a glance how ideas fit together. You can also choose from our selection of ready-to-use templates or convert your existing templates into dynamic digital tools.

Manage everything

Manage your work your way. When you invite someone to a canvas, you decide the level of access. Tag and favorite canvases. Archive anything you’re done with. Plus quickly duplicate canvases or save a view-only version for your records. Anything you create can be exported.

Nureva Span Workspace — Collaborate on a large scale

Collaborate on a large scale

Span Workspace is built to take advantage of the multitouch capabilities of your shared displays. Every real-time collaboration feature your team loves on their laptops and phones works just as well on interactive flat panels, interactive whiteboards and more. Canvases can even be extended across multiple displays to create even more space for collaboration. Teamwork will never look the same.


Find out how we protect the integrity and accessibility of your data.

Nureva Span Workspace admin tools

Admin tools

Manage users, set permissions, control authentication through SSO and more.


See how Span Workspace can complement your current tools.


Minimum operating requirements

Web client

Computer browser
Chrome™ v72+
Safari® 10+ (running Mac OS X 10.10+)
Mobile browser
iOS Safari 10
iOS Chrome 10
Android™ 7

Wall client

Operating system
Windows® OS 10

Tools tailormade for your processes

Agile icon

Agile and Scrum

Engage distributed and in-room agile teams in sprint planning, daily stand-up, retrospectives and more.


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Increase client engagement in virtual sessions with simple tools that make prep work and delivery simple.


Higher education icon

Higher education

Drive students to engage deeply with ideas and develop collaborative skills that equip them for success.


Jen Hunter

I can craft a Nureva session usually in about 30 minutes. Normally, it would have taken me days.

Jen Hunter
Senior manager, Deloitte Greenhouse Ottawa

I can craft a Nureva session usually in about 30 minutes. Normally, it would have taken me days.

Jen Hunter
Jen Hunter
Senior manager, Deloitte Greenhouse Ottawa
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