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Collaboration tools for your team

Capture ideas and create together in a huge virtual canvas.  It’s easy with Nureva™ Span™ Workpace.

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Log into your free account from your phone, tablet, laptop or shared display – your canvas is waiting. Invite team members to join you from wherever they are. Everyone can work in real time within the same canvas.

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Build content

Jot an idea quickly on a sticky note. Sketch a diagram right in the canvas, or add an image and annotate on top of it. All your content stays in your personal tray until you want to share it.

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Create together

Share notes, sketches and images, no matter where you are. Build on everyone's ideas. Develop plans. Explore possibilities. You can do great things – together – with Span Workspace.

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The Nureva Wall and Span Workspace are truly a game changer for JMP Creative, as our teams throughout the world are able to collaborate in real time.

Jim McCafferty, president and CEO, JMP Creative

Get started today

It takes just one minute to create your Span Workspace account. Another to start using the tools. Maybe five more to master them. Which means you can get right down to collaborating with your team. And any content you create is yours forever.

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