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Stories of collaboration

Discover how we’re helping groups grow their ideas and power their processes

Collaborate with the Span system in design thinking, agile, education and more

From small start-ups to big
companies to the school around the corner…

Groups are learning more, creating more and doing more with Nureva visual collaboration solutions. Our customers are varied – aerospace research centers, major retail corporations and school districts, to name just a few. What they have in common is a drive to take collaboration further – in incredibly imaginative ways.


Create a persistent digital space where problems are defined (and redefined), ideation is inclusive and design reviews are simple and collaborative. With the Nureva Wall and Span Workspace, you’ll gather the best ideas and then work through them together, all on the same cloud-based canvas. See what happens when your design thinking process is supported by a solution that puts the focus on ideas, not technology.

Design thinking with the Span system


Trade in your sticky-note wall for a digital solution that takes the best aspects of paper-based processes and brings them into the digital age. The Nureva Wall and Span Workspace help agile teams to visualize their workflow as they collaborate, keeping them on track and aligned whether in the same office or distributed across the world. Bring more speed and flexibility to sprint planning, stand-ups and retrospectives – they’ll never look quite the same again.

Agile processes with the Span system


Help every student develop the skills they need for future success. Rather than passively consuming information, learners can capture their thoughts on personal devices, share them on an expansive canvas and then work with classmates to deepen understanding. Want to amplify student voice? Build more collaboration into PBL? With every teacher, every class and every student, we’re discovering new ways the Nureva solutions are transforming learning.

K-12 education with the Span system

More use cases

Women using sticky-notes for resource planning

Resource management

Modernize complex resource planning systems to better enable distributed teams while retaining the best aspects of analog processes.

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Male and female designers working on a new packaging concept

Packaging design

Shorten the time for new designs to be created, reviewed and approved while increasing innovation and teamwork.

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Team of architects engaged with a client over a project review


Engage clients deeply in project reviews, and make collaboration visual with an expansive workspace for ideas and input.

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Two medical professionals collaborating over a patient chart

Process reengineering

Tap into the expertise of people from many departments to optimize health care processes, improving patient care and reducing costs.

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Team of engineers working through a design-thinking workshop

Design-thinking workshop

Facilitate active collaboration among all session participants, and continue the momentum after the workshop is over.

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Female and male working in a war room on concepts for a new product launch

War room operations

Accelerate decision making with a cloud-based solution that lets cross-functional teams easily share data and align on execution.

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University students collaborating on a project

Project-based learning

Create opportunities for seamless collaboration among globally dispersed groups of architectural and engineering students.

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University students reviewing project plans on a laptop

Higher education

Establish active learning environments where students acquire career-ready skills by creating, collaborating and problem solving together.

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Imagine what you could do with Nureva solutions

These are just a few of the ways the Nureva Wall and Span Workspace are changing how groups create, collaborate and solve problems. Discover where else it’s being used and how it can help you.

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Creative collaboration with the Span system

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