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HyFlex webinar: The secret to successful blended learning

By Nureva on January 13, 2021
HyFlex webinar: The secret to successful blended learning

As postsecondary institutions cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s become clear that the only constant is change. If your school is interested in how HyFlex or hybrid learning can help during these unusual times, you’ll want to hear more about what King’s College London has been doing.

In this EdQuarter webinar, Rodrigo Sanchez-Pizani of King’s walks you through the college’s approach to HyFlex learning, including how it supported students and faculty to stay connected, whether in the classroom or joining remotely. You’ll also hear Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO, and Ascentae’s Jon Knight share their insights into how combining learning approaches like HyFlex with the right technology and supports can give students the educational experience they need.


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A few webinar highlights


Overcoming the “can’t be done” impulse

When King’s College London set out to create hybrid learning classrooms, Rodrigo heard some doubts. He explains how the team pushed passed the “can’t be done” impulse and the lessons they learned as a result. By making student participation an essential part of their HyFlex strategy, and choosing audio solutions that would enable that, they were able bridge the gap between in-person and online in surprisingly effective ways.

Asking the right questions

COVID-19 has put us all into uncharted territory this year, so webinar panelists stress the importance of asking the right questions. This means reaching out to students to get honest feedback about how the remote experience is actually working out for them. And it also includes making sure there are no barriers to faculty getting the help they need.

Choosing technology that supports

As Rodrigo explains, “If the technology is not there to support you in the way you teach and instead forces you to teach in a different way, then the technology is wrong.” He explains how the team at King’s College London has made choices that enhance the student experience and make instructors’ lives easier, not narrow everyone’s options.

Classroom audio built for HyFlex

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