Zoom-ready collaboration

Bring everyone together in your hybrid spaces with an incredibly easy way to collaborate. Nureva® audio and Zoom are ideally matched to deliver great audio experiences in your meeting rooms and classrooms, making hybrid working and learning better for in-room and remote people alike.

Zoom video conferencing

For participants

The easy way to be heard

Get clear and reliable full-room audio that makes attending hybrid Zoom meetings just as easy as attending fully remote ones. Patented Microphone Mist technology means every voice is picked up, everywhere, so team members or students joining remotely never feel left out.

Hybrid meeting using Zoom video conferencing and Nureva audio

Scale your deployment of Zoom Rooms with Nureva audio

For IT staff

Built to scale

Choose plug and play audio solutions that deliver pro AV performance without draining IT resources. Our systems work seamlessly in a wide range of Zoom Rooms and other Zoom-enabled spaces. They’re easy to install, maintain and manage at scale, reducing IT tickets and room downtime.

We’ve got you covered

No matter your type of space, we have an audio solution that delivers a great hybrid experience. And with ongoing updates to meet your evolving needs, the systems you buy today will only get better over time. Explore your options below.


Extra-large boardroom featuring the Nureva HDL410 system

Featuring the HDL410 system

Large meeting room

Large meeting room featuring the Nureva HDL300 system

Featuring the HDL300 system

Flex room

Flex room featuring the Nureva HDL200 system

Featuring the HDL200 system

Tiered lecture hall

Tiered lecture hall featuring the Nureva HDL410 system

Featuring the HDL410 system

Hybrid classroom

Hybrid classroom featuring the Nureva HDL310 system

Featuring the HDL310 system

PTZ Camera Computing device Nureva connect module Controller Nureva microphone and speaker bar 4k camera

Better together

Our diagram shows how Nureva audio fits into a large Zoom Room. But no matter your space, we make everything easier:

  • No DSP to buy
  • No invasive ceiling installation
  • No lengthy configuration processes
  • No complicated tuning and maintenance
  • No frustrating startup delays

We work seamlessly with Zoom plus all the AV technology products you have in your spaces.

Featured products

Nureva HDL410 audio conferencing system
Nureva HDL310 audio conferencing system
Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system
Max room size
35' x 55' | 10.7 x 16.8 m
30' x 30' | 9.1 x 9.1 m
25' x 25' | 7.6 x 7.6 m
Installation time
60 minutes
30 minutes
30 minutes
USB plug and play
Virtual microphones
Unified coverage map
Voice amplification
Audience mute
Console Direct

All audio systems

Chris DeNovellis

The Nureva HDL300 system has a remarkable ability to pick up the voices of meeting participants wherever they are in the room.

Chris DeNovellis
Zoom partnerships development manager

The Nureva HDL300 system has a remarkable ability to pick up the voices of meeting participants wherever they are in the room.

Chris DeNovellis
Chris DeNovellis
Zoom partnerships development manager

Microphone Mist technology

Equip your Zoom Rooms with audio systems powered by Microphone Mist technology, the breakthrough that conferencing has been waiting for. Our tech fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so people’s voices are picked up everywhere. With multiple patents, it’s truly a revolutionary advancement in audio conferencing.

University of Missouri
UNC School of Media and Journalism
Bristol Community College


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Learn how simplified large-room audio systems can improve remote collaboration.


Recon Research report

Get an overview of meeting room audio technologies, including our next-gen approach.


AVNetwork roundtable

Watch a lively discussion on how our innovative technology turned skeptics into loyal customers.


Find our resources, downloads and software, or connect with our support team for more assistance.



We have a range of products that work in spaces up to 35' x 55' (10.7 x 16.8 m), so there’s a solution for almost any room. Our newest audio systems offer pro AV performance in larger spaces — the HDL310 is designed for large meeting rooms and classrooms, and the HDL410 is for extra-large spaces.

Our systems are ready to go out of the box with a few quick adjustments, including background noise and audio processing settings. Find out more.

No — all you need is a device running Zoom, such as a computer, collaboration hub, collaboration appliance or videoconferencing codec. No extra speakers, components or DSP are required.

No. Microphone Mist technology autocalibrates at setup and continuously during use. It senses and adjusts to changes in room characteristics automatically. No technician is required to set up or maintain the system.

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