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A meeting room microphone breakthrough

Introducing Microphone Mist™ technology for conference calls

Microphone Mist technology is a game changer

Conventional meeting room microphones employ legacy technology that simply is not up to the challenges of the modern meeting that encourages people to move, interact and collaborate. The solution is a completely new approach to audio conferencing. Nureva’s patent-pending Microphone Mist technology, the brains behind the HDL300 audio conferencing system, fills the room with 8,192 virtual microphones (16,384 with the Dual HDL300) to pick up participants no matter where they are in the room or which direction they face. It’s game changing technology – and performance – you can hear in an instant.

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system black speaker bar

Beyond beamforming 

Beamforming systems are designed to pick up a person talking directly to a beam. But people don’t talk to technology, they talk to people. And then there are the “dead” zones, overlapping beams and beam transitions that can cripple conversations. Microphone Mist technology finally solves this problem by having an active virtual microphone near every person in the room. We invite you to compare the two technologies. 

Nureva Microphone Mist 8,192 virtual microphones

Advanced technology, natural sound

Microphone Mist technology has the astonishing capacity to process sound from all of its 8,192 virtual mics in real time. Thanks to its advanced processing power that’s capable of handling 15,000 MIPS (millions of instructions per second), it focuses on the right sound sources without gating or clipping, and optimizes them for distortion-free, natural-sounding conversations. It’s one reason the independent experts at Wainhouse Research report that the HDL300 system beats the competition on features and price.

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system executes 15 billion instructions per second

Upgrades are automatic

Staying on top of the latest versions of technology systems can be annoying and time consuming. But with Microphone Mist technology you can rest easy. Nureva Room Manager monitors your system and automatically upgrades it as we advance our technology. The system you buy today will evolve into a smarter, higher-performing system over time.

Nureva audio manager for HDL300 audio conferencing system

Multiple award winning

The HDL300 system caused a big stir when we unveiled it at InfoComm in 2016. rAVe Publications awarded it Best New Audio Conferencing Product of the show. And in 2018, the HDL300 won a Top New Technology (TNT) Award. A panel of judges and the editors of CE Pro and Commercial Integrator magazines picked it as the winning audio conferencing component in the Commercial Unified Communication and Collaboration category.

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system calibrating