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Accelerate your
collaborative processes

Expansive cloud-based canvases and advanced audio conferencing bring your team together for easier, more efficient collaboration. On your walls or any device.
On-site or across the globe. 


Supporting the pillars of collaboration

People. Processes. Technology. Spaces. Together they create the conditions for effective collaboration, which lead to bigger ideas, accelerated processes and breakthrough results. That’s why we create technology solutions that are incredibly easy for people to use, adaptable to existing processes and designed to enable the physical and virtual spaces where they come together – in the same room or around the world.

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Advanced audio conferencing

 The HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems with revolutionary Microphone Mist technology deliver a breakthrough in audio conferencing: true full-room pickup with DIY simplicity, including easy installation and autocalibration.


Boundless visual collaboration

Span™ Workspace and the Nureva Wall combine to create powerful physical and virtual collaboration spaces. Cloud-based canvases accelerate your processes and let your team work together as one, on your walls or any device.