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device management

Nureva® Console

  • Anywhere remote management
  • Intelligent monitoring
  • Analytics and insights

Easily manage and monitor your devices from a secure platform that you can access from anywhere. It’s included with every Nureva system. 

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Nureva Console anywhere remote management

Avoid frequent trips to your rooms by logging in remotely to install firmware updates, check device status, change settings and more.

Nureva Console intelligent monitoring

Quickly resolve problems before they impact your spaces with email alerts (available with Nureva Pro), third-party camera monitoring and a handy room status dashboard.

Nureva Console analytics and insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your rooms with acoustic and usage data, allowing you to fix issues right away and identify opportunities for improvement.

Nureva Developer Toolkit

Versatile APIs make it easy to integrate your Nureva devices with other products or automate tasks to save time. The result is a better experience for everyone.

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Nureva Developer Toolkit


subscription service


Nureva Pro

  • Services and support
  • Enhanced software features

Its even easier to keep your meeting rooms and classrooms performing with a 3- or 5-year subscription.

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Nureva Pro services and support

Get the peace of mind that comes with an extended 3- or 5-year warranty, advance unit replacement and expanded support hours.

Nureva Pro enhanced software features

Unlock enhanced features in Nureva Console, including email alerts, acoustic insights, historical usage data and a room data API.

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What’s new


Camera tracking sound location API

AVer camera tracking video

See how our sound location data helps steer and switch AVer cameras.

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Nureva Console background noise charts + more

Background noise charts + more

Get easy access to historical usage data and other helpful analytics.

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Nureva Console CV30 support + room management

CV30 support + room management

See your rooms at a glance and get support for our new camera.

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