Nureva Dual HDL300 in a classroom in higher education
Higher education audio conferencing

Your classroom just
got a lot bigger.

(If we may, a quick lesson in evolution.)


The landscape of higher education has changed. This new frontier will be successfully navigated by those who can most readily adapt to new ways of communicating while developing blended learning models. Thankfully, classroom audio has evolved as well.

Patented Microphone Mist™ technology is the power behind Nureva audio conferencing solutions. For remote learners, Microphone Mist technology delivers a natural and fulfilling listening experience, making it easier for them to remain engaged. For professors and lecturers – plus IT and AV support staff – it means freedom from the constraints and potential complications of conventional audio conferencing solutions.

Nureva systems adapt to whatever space you’re using, continuously autocalibrating to suit the configuration and circumstances. Any room. Every word. Sounds impressive, you say? Thanks. We think it sounds pretty darn good. Like we said, audio has evolved.

This is classroom audio, evolved.

Microphone Mist technology is the evolution. It fills a room with virtual microphones so everyone can be heard everywhere in a space and remote learners feel like they’re in the room with the class.

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Higher education evolved - Microphone Mist™ technology is the power behind Nureva audio conferencing solutions

This is virtual microphone reality

Full-room pickup

No need for external microphones for instructors or students. Our systems’ virtual microphones provide true full-room pickup throughout spaces up to 30' x 50' (9.1 x 15.2 m).


Nureva audio systems’ installation is simple, no specialized technicians required. So change your room – and your mind – as often as you like.


Our units are sleek and unobtrusive. There is no need for the clutter of external microphones, speakers or cables. Available in black or white, they suit virtually any decor.

Calibration and mixing

Calibration is automatic for any room configuration or meeting style. Nureva® Console enables adjustment of audio levels and integration with external speakers. It also upgrades the system through automatic firmware updates.


Our patented Microphone Mist technology enables true full-room pickup while providing professional grade performance. The result: a more comfortable, more natural classroom experience.


Get high-quality audio for much less than the cost of complex, multicomponent systems. There are also significant savings on installation and setup, as Nureva systems can be easily installed by in-house personnel, and calibration is automatic.
Virtual microphones - Turns out, not sharing is caring

Turns out, not sharing is caring

We’re all taking more care these days with what we touch. A big advantage of our virtual microphone solutions: there’s no hardware to touch or share. Unlike conventional systems, there are no lapel mics or podium mics to sanitize. No need for techs or close contact. No worries while you go about teaching.

Microphone Mist - Built for physical distancing

Built for physical distancing

By all means, feel free to use the whole room. The full-room coverage provided by Microphone Mist technology means every word gets heard. Lecturers can make full use of their space and offer a natural, comfortable experience that will be heard clearly by remote learners.

Nureva audio conferencing - Made for social connection

Made for social connection

Full-room coverage makes it possible for students and participants in the room to remain physically distant yet still be socially connected. From the front of the class to the corners of the room, everyone can take part and stay fully engaged – while respecting the need for space and comfort.

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Now hear the difference

We have a range of systems to meet all your needs – today and in the future. It takes just 15 minutes to hear exactly how Nureva audio sounds, plus get your questions answered by one of our audio conferencing experts. Book your demo today.

Nureva audio conferencing HDL series
Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system


For small spaces up to
18' x 18'  |  5.5 x 5.5 m

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system


For mid-size spaces up to
25' x 25'  |  7.6 x 7.6 m

Nureva Dual HDL300 audio conferencing system

Dual HDL300

For large spaces up to
30' x 50'  |  9.1 x 15.2 m