Why Nureva audio

Why Nureva® audio

Great audio, simplified

Compare us to the competition. Please.


Complicated. Costly. That was the state of audio conferencing for larger spaces. We knew there was a better way. So we invented it: groundbreaking technology that delivers simplicity and value.


Our technology makes things simple so you get great audio in larger spaces at a fraction of the cost of customized, multicomponent systems.



It’s easy for one person to install our systems and there’s no additional cost. Traditional systems may come with a hefty price tag.



Simple cloud-based management tools and trouble-free performance mean IT saves time plus the cost of outside technicians.


Our advantages

True full-room coverage.
Easy installation.
Manage from anywhere.


True full-room coverage. Microphone Mist technology fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones so remote participants can hear everyone anywhere in a room. Compare that with traditional systems that can leave dead zones where people can’t be heard.

Microphone Mist technology
Beamforming system room coverage
Nureva Microphone Mist technology room coverage


Less is more. We’ve radically simplified installing audio in larger rooms. With just one or two components to hang on the wall, it’s an easy job that takes less than an hour. Compare with traditional systems that often require multiple technicians and can take days to install.



Clicks, not trips. Nureva Console lets you easily monitor, manage and adjust audio systems from anywhere with just a few clicks. It’s a big time-saver compared with traditional systems that may require IT to visit each room to perform the same tasks.


Nureva console - Dashboard

Device settings

Nureva console - device settings

Firmware updates

Nureva console - firmware updates

Microphone Mist technology

All our systems are powered by patented Microphone Mist technology, the breakthrough that audio conferencing has been waiting for. It fills rooms with thousands of virtual mics so people’s voices are picked up everywhere — making us the easiest and most cost-effective way to deliver a great hybrid experience in your larger spaces.

Adaptable audio

Nureva audio in business



Ensure everyone can hear clearly in hybrid meetings with audio solutions that are easy to use and manage.

Nureva audio in education



Create learning and meeting spaces that make it easier to deliver value to in-room and remote participants.

Nureva audio in governemtn



Strengthen communication with powerful audio solutions that are easy to install and manage at scale.

Nureva audio solution in healthcare



Deliver better patient outcomes with audio systems that help medical teams strategize and share insights.

“The HDL300 was easy to install, delivered superior microphone and sound capabilities, and has radically improved the audio conferencing experience for all participants.”

– Luke Simpson, president, CANA Group

Mid-sized meeting space
Flexible meeting space
K–12 education classroom
Mid-sized studio meeting space
Large training room
Large flex space

Simplify your rooms

With full-room mic coverage, easy installation and cloud-based management tools, Nureva helps you simplify audio conferencing in all your rooms. And that saves time and effort for IT and users.

Seamless integrations

With a collaboration with Logitech, certifications from Microsoft® Teams and Barco ClickShare, and simple integrations with dozens of other platforms, Nureva lets you use the tools you know and trust.

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“Nureva is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to stay on the leading edge and has helped to make meetings more intelligent and engaging.”

– Roopam Jain, senior director ICT, Frost & Sullivan

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