Sustainability is at the heart of Nureva® audio products, starting with conceptualization and design. Everyone at Nureva understands how sustainability is an embedded aspect of our roles. We’re constantly looking for ways to extend the life of our products and reduce waste.

Designing for sustainability is a journey. While we started from an advanced position and have made considerable progress, we continue to look for new ways to deliver on the vision for a sustainable future for everyone.

Here are some of the ways in which we’ve incorporated sustainability into our company practices.


Connect remotely

Making it easier to connect remotely

Our products make remote working and learning more productive and enjoyable. While in-person meetings and activities are sometimes important, connecting and collaborating virtually makes it possible for traveling and commuting to be reduced.

Product longevity icon

Producing products with longevity in mind

Our hardware is designed and manufactured for a long and productive life. Our audio systems are reliably in service for not just the warranty period, but for years afterward.

Extending product life icon

Extending product life through updates

We deliver ongoing improvements and new functionality through software and firmware updates. This keeps the hardware fresh and functional, extending its useful life.

Update path icon

Providing a thoughtful upgrade path

We give customers the opportunity to easily upgrade their HDL series systems to HDL pro series systems. And the existing microphone and speaker bars are still used. All the new technology is incorporated in the connect module — a compact element that is swapped out.

Recycled materials icons

Using recycled and recyclable materials

Our hardware includes a significant amount of aluminum, which can be easily recycled. We expect most of the aluminum used in our products will get recycled, due to its high value.

Reducing product waste icon

Reducing product materials and packaging

We’ve minimized the amount of plastic used in each part. For example, our newest connect module has a thinner molding. We've also eliminated any plastics and other materials in our packaging that’s not necessary to ensure safe delivery. And we’ve condensed our packaging, so more boxes can be shipped in the same space.