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Big and beautiful — ISE 2024 in review

Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc.
By Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc. on Feb 27, 2024 6:00:00 AM
Big and beautiful — ISE 2024 in review

ISE was back in a big way this year, with a record number of attendees in Barcelona. We thought the event was highly productive and a great opportunity for us to connect with our channel, customers and everyone else who was there.

Here are some points from our conversations that stood out.

From continuity to quality

We heard the same thing from a lot of people — while many IT managers had to settle for any product/solution during the pandemic, as they were trying to keep business and education running, they now have a much greater focus on delivering a quality experience for users. For us, this means many organizations are looking at replacing their underpowered audio systems in their large and extra-large rooms with our solutions, which are designed to handle the special needs of these big and flexible spaces.

Selecting solutions

A lot of people talked to us about their active involvement in the identification and evaluation of solutions and components of the solution for their spaces. While previously, they would have relied on their integrators to both make recommendations and design the solution, IT teams are taking on these functions themselves even as they largely still rely on integrators to install and manage room systems.

ISE 2024 stand image of Nureva's range of audio conferencing solutions

Audio and video for camera switching

Camera switching is a hot topic. Not only are IT managers expecting camera equipment to plug in and work, they’re demanding that systems truly work together. For us, this meant a lot of conversations about the sound location data from our HDL410 system and how it is used to control switching among multiple cameras in the room.

ISE 2024 stand image of Nureva's camera tracking and switching integrations

Everything ecosystem

The desire for flexibility and best-of-breed solutions means that customers increasingly want everything to work with everything. And they want it certified. This speaks to upgradability, performance and sustainability — all factors we actively embrace.

ISE 2024 stand image of Nureva's ecosystem


Get in touch

We engaged with a large range of people at ISE. If you were among them, thanks for sharing your insights. If you weren’t and you would like to talk about your challenges, what’s new from Nureva or how we work with other products, then reach out to us at sales@nureva.com. We’ll make sure we answer your questions and give you the support you need.

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