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Choose user-friendly audio solutions that bring people together. Whether connecting with colleagues, cross-functional teams or stakeholders, you can trust our powerful Microphone Mist technology to strengthen communication between in-person and remote participants. Plus, our systems are easy to install and manage, reducing the demands on your IT team’s resources.


Hybrid meetings

Maintain continuity of operations with easy-to-use audio systems for all types of government meetings. Whether you’re planning policy, conferring with experts or sharing insights, our systems support equity of engagement and help you reduce time and budget traveling to attend in person. And during a crisis, decisions can be made efficiently by involving all the right people without delay.

Nureva solutions for government hybrid meetings

Nureva solutions for government training

Government training

Keep everyone engaged when you roll out new policies and procedures. With full-room microphone pickup even in larger spaces, hybrid training sessions become interactive, with the option to involve experts remotely. Voice Amplification Mode ensures that people at the back of the room hear clearly. And our plug and play solutions mean minimal technical setup is needed before sessions begin.

Solutions for all your spaces

We have audio solutions that deliver reliable hybrid experiences for all types of government spaces. And with ongoing updates to meet your evolving needs, the systems you buy today will only get better over time. Explore your options below.

Training room

Training room featuring the Nureva HDL410 system

Featuring the HDL410 system

Large meeting room

Large meeting room featuring the Nureva HDL310 system

Featuring the HDL310 system

Flex space

Flex space featuring the Nureva HDL200 system

Featuring the HDL200 system

All audio systems

Hear it. Believe it.

Our demos have amazed thousands of IT pros — including some very skeptical ones. But you’ll have to experience one for yourself — live, 15 minutes, customized — to get what the excitement is about.

Microphone Mist technology

Nureva® audio systems are powered by Microphone Mist technology, the breakthrough that conferencing has been waiting for. Our tech fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so people’s voices are picked up everywhere. With multiple patents, it’s truly a revolutionary advancement in audio conferencing.

Missouri University
Concordia University
WRNS Studio


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