Flexible audio for training, administration and more

Whether your setting is a teaching hospital, research group or hospital network, it’s clear that better collaboration leads to better patient outcomes. When you need to connect people in the room with others attending remotely, trust our systems to deliver the audio quality you need. Thanks to patented Microphone Mist technology, everyone is heard, everywhere, and nothing gets missed.


Medical training

Strengthen practitioners’ knowledge and skill development in teaching hospitals and other specialized centers. Our full-room audio coverage means that when participants and outside experts join sessions remotely, they hear everything clearly, including questions from in-person attendees. And with Voice Amplification Mode, people in the room can also get the same enhanced audio experience.

Nureva solutions for healthcare medical training

Nureva solutions for healthcare administration

Healthcare administration

Keep communication flowing within hospital networks and medical facilities. We make it easy for health system CEOs and hospital administrators to work together from anywhere, reducing the time and costs associated with frequent travel to on-site meetings. Administrative staff and clinical teams can also collaborate, whether they’re working in person or joining remotely.

Medical research

Connect medical researchers around the world with audio that keeps the focus on solving problems and sharing insights. Our systems ensure that every voice in the meeting room is picked up, making it simple for people from multiple institutions to collaborate without distractions.


Solutions for all your spaces

We have audio solutions that deliver great hybrid experiences for all types of healthcare spaces. And with ongoing updates to meet your evolving needs, the systems you buy today will only get better over time. Explore your options below.

Training room

Training room featuring the Nureva HDL410 system

Featuring the HDL410 system

Large meeting room

Large meeting room featuring the Nureva HDL310 system

Featuring the HDL310 system

Flex space

Flex space featuring the Nureva HDL200 system

Featuring the HDL200 system

All audio systems

Hear it. Believe it.

Our demos have amazed thousands of IT pros — including some very skeptical ones. But you’ll have to experience one for yourself — live, 15 minutes, customized — to get what the excitement is about.

Microphone Mist technology

Nureva® audio systems are powered by Microphone Mist technology, the breakthrough that conferencing has been waiting for. Our tech fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so people’s voices are picked up everywhere. With multiple patents, it’s truly a revolutionary advancement in audio conferencing.

Missouri University
Bristol Community College
WRNS Studio

Customer stories

Customer stories

Thira Health customer story

THIRA Health

This treatment center needed an audio solution that let therapy continue even when patients weren’t able to attend in person. Nureva audio was the perfect fit.

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WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine customer story

WellMax Center for Preventive Medicine

These telehealth leaders upgraded to Nureva audio to support better conversations between patients and medical teams, leading to better results.

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Solving meeting room audio

Explore how our meeting room audio solutions make hybrid work more effective.


Frost & Sullivan report

Learn how simplified large-room audio systems can improve remote collaboration.


Recon Research report

Get an overview of meeting room audio technologies, including our next-gen approach.


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