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InfoComm 2024 — over the top

Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc.
By Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc. on Jun 20, 2024 6:00:00 AM
InfoComm 2024 — over the top

When people think about grandiose scale with everything bigger and more flamboyant than anywhere else globally, Las Vegas has to be at the top of the list. That certainly was the case this year with InfoComm’s return to the desert city — heat more typical of August, hotels filled to the gills and the new Sphere hosting shows in spectacular fashion. And InfoComm was bursting with attendees looking for new tools and technologies to enable new ways of working and learning.

We appreciated the opportunity to connect with so many of our customers and other booth visitors to more deeply understand their needs and priorities. Here are some aggregated highlights from those conversations.

A crowded Nureva booth at InfoComm 2024

Ecosystem importance

We heard this multiple times — how do we interoperate with other companies’ products so people can build a best-of-breed solution for their spaces? Driving these questions was the desire for performance, sustainability and upgradability. We’re perfectly aligned to deliver on these requirements with a growing ecosystem, Teams and Zoom certifications and expanded interoperability testing (with documentation).Nureva's ecosystem on display at InfoComm 2024

Discriminating tastes on a budget

People told us they want products that deliver a quality experience at a reasonable price. The performance has to be there for an excellent experience, but once that hurdle is crossed, then price becomes the most important factor. We were asked a lot of questions about installation costs, device setup and ongoing support costs — all strengths of our solutions.

Audio and video for camera switching

Camera switching was a hot topic at InfoComm, just as it was at ISE earlier this year. Beyond simply plugging in and working, IT managers are asking how our HDL410 audio system controls camera views. While many people remain uncertain about exactly how they’ll deploy systems like this, they want to be sure that when they do, their chosen elements will work together. Our sound location data for camera switching hit the mark.Two InfoComm attendees get a demo of Nureva's full-room mic pickup and automated camera switching

Onsite evaluations

Hearing is believing, and for most people a remote demo is a great start. But, putting products through their paces alongside other system components on one’s own premises takes things to a whole new level and is something that IT managers increasingly wish to do. No more surprises and taking the time to test things out themselves, with users involved, were common comments from attendees. This learning ties in with an earlier trend we saw at ISE where IT managers are much more involved in selecting systems and/or their components.Live audio demo in the Nureva booth at InfoComm 2024

Keep in touch

It was great being back at a vibrant InfoComm with packed halls and engaging conversations. It was wonderful to connect with a large range of people and talk about our products and how they can meet their needs. If you were one of them, thanks for sharing your insights. If you weren’t and you’d like to talk about your challenges, what’s new from Nureva or how we work with other products, then reach out to us at sales@nureva.com and we’ll make sure we answer your questions and give you the support you need.

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